Lottery winner who bought £10k boob jobs for her sisters says win ended in tears

A lottery winner who spent £10,000 on boob jobs for her and her sisters after she won a massive £3million jackpot revealed that despite the huge win, her life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sarah Cockings won the massive pay-out at just 21 while she was studying for a social work degree at Northumbria University in April 2005.

Almost immediately, she bought plastic surgery for her sisters Emma, 41, and Alex, 36, as well as splashing out on a house for her parents, a Mini Cooper and a Range Rover Sport.

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Sarah, 40, previously joked that people stopped her sisters in the street to ask: “Are those the lottery boobs?”

But despite the huge win, she admitted that there have been times where her lotto win has done her more harm than good.

Sarah previously said that her then-six-year-old son told his teacher that she had won the lottery, only to have her knowingly laugh when she found out

"He came home from school and said ‘I told my teacher you won the jackpot and she was laughing',” she said.

On top of this, just a year after her life-changing win, she and her husband, Roy, ended up splitting up.

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Sarah told ChronicleLive that the lottery win may have been partly to blame for the split, saying: “I think we both got swept away with the fuss around the Lottery win. Now things have settled down and life is back to normal, we realised we're just not in love with each other anymore.”

She and Roy, an offshore engineer, had been with each other for three years before her lotto win, getting engaged shortly after receiving the winning ticket.

Sarah said that while their split was difficult to deal with, she wouldn’t have done anything differently: "Everyone knows that some relationships just run their course.”


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