Woman gushes about the new addition to her house which makes laundry SO much easier | The Sun

WHEN it came to designing her new house, Olivia seized the opportunity to make her life easier.

She took to TikTok to share a look at the home, which is still under construction, and the feature she was most excited about.

"Check out my laundry chute," she said in the video.

She demonstrated by throwing a black bag through the hole in one of the rooms upstairs, and showed how it landed downstairs.

"When the house is finished, it will land on the worktop above the washer," she added.

"Way too excited about this," she added in the caption.

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People were quick to comment on the video, with hundreds insisting that it was a game-changing idea.

"We all need one of these," one person wrote.

"Oooh game changer," another added.

"Omg love," someone else commented.

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As another suggested: "Get a top loading washer and it can drop straight into machine.

"Great stuff."

But others insisted the chute would be misused.

"I would be too tempted to slide down it lol," one wrote.

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"No my son would come down there instead of the stairs," another added.

"I want one. But I have kids," a third commented.

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