Millionaire developer is GUILTY of stalking his fashion influencer ex

Millionaire property developer is GUILTY of stalking his fashion influencer ex after he threatened to ‘rip apart’ and posed as dogwalker to steal her cockapoo Ted

  • Bashar Ayoub, 46, pleaded guilty to stalking fashion influencer Hannah Rasekh
  • He threatened to ‘rip apart’ her family and stole dog Ted from London home 
  • Ayoub faces up to six months in prison and a fine and will wear a GPS tag on bail 

A fashion influencer has told a court she cries ‘uncontrollably’ after her wealthy ex who threatened to rip her apart and stole her Cockapoo pleaded guilty to stalking her.

Property developer Bashar Ayoub, 46, bombarded Hannah Rasekh with hundreds of messages and posed as a dog walker to take her pet, Westminster magistrates’ court heard.

Ayoub pleaded guilty to one count of stalking with fear of harm and violence and will be sentenced by Isleworth Crown Court. 

He was granted bail on the condition that he wears a GPS tag and does not try to contact Ms Rasekh in any way. 

Ms Rasekh was stalked by her property developer ex, Bashar Ayoub, after they broke up at the beginning of this year. He sent her more than 30 messages over two days and threatened to ‘rip apart’ the fashion influencer and her family 

Ayoub pleaded guilty to a count of stalking and has been referred to Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing 

Ayoub now faces up to six months in prison and a fine.   

The couple met in Dubai in 2017 but Ms Rasekh claimed Ayoub was ’emotionally and psychologically abusive towards her’ and they separated at the beginning of the year.

Between January 4, 2022 and January 5, 2022 Ayoub sent her 35 emails calling her a ‘b***h’ and saying, ‘your brother’s next’.

Prosecutor Tim Fulford told the court Ayoub had arrived at her home in South Kensington while she was on holiday in July.

He told her parents, who were house-sitting, that he was a friend who had offered to walk her dog Ted, a Cockapoo.

Ayoub took the dog and did not come back.

A few weeks later, Ayoub returned to the address and sent the victim a photo of her car, accusing her of lying about being on holiday.

Her father called the police who warned him to stay away from the victim.

But within hours of the police leaving, Ayoub continued to threaten the victim by phoning her a further 64 times and sending abusive messages.

In one he said: ‘Die you thief you thieving w***e I pray you die I pray every day you die you w***e.

‘You w***e, you c***, give me Ted, you w***e, f*** you and your sister.

‘Give me a time before this gets worse for you, you’re making this worse you w***e.’

Ms Rasekh said the conditions of Ayoub’s bail – that he must wear a GPS tracker and cannot contact her – allowed her ‘to breathe’ 

Ted, Ms Rasekh’s cockapoo, was stolen by Ayoub in an attempt to make her contact him. Ayoub told her parents, who were looking after the pet while their daughter was away, that he was a dogwalker

Ayoub will be sentenced by Isleworth Crown Court after magistrates decided that their powers were not sufficient to punish him appropriately 

The prosecutor also told the court Ayoub sent a text to Ms Rasekh which said: ‘I’ll rip you apart, all of you, your whole family, you c***s’.

Ayoub, who lives in a £2million apartment in Eaton Place, Belgravia, admitted one count of stalking with fear of harm and violence, between 4 April and 5 September 2022.

He appeared in court today wearing a black suit, a white shirt and purple tie.

Ms Rasekh, who describes herself as a stylist and digital influencer, said in a victim impact statement read to the court that the conditions of Ayoub’s bail allowed her to relax in public again. 

‘I’m constantly worried about my parents; it is affecting my work its mentally draining.

‘When I’m out with my friends, I’m constantly looking around afraid he will come looking for me.

‘His bail conditions have allowed me to breathe, I can finally try to live a normal life without fear or worry,’ the fashion influencer said. 

‘I’ve had therapy as all that has happened has left me incredibly drained. I feel I’ve wasted so much time in this relationship and it has depressed me.

‘I look at this entire situation as a failure. I feel I’ve failed my family for staying in this relationship for so long.’

Ms Rasekh said she often cries ‘uncontrollably’ and wakes up constantly during the night.

Ayoub was committed to Isleworth Crown Court for sentencing after magistrates decided their powers are not sufficient.

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