MPs and peers 'asked for brothel' and 'hired sex worker' on trips

MPs and peers on jaunts with all-party groups ‘asked for directions to brothel’ and ‘booked session with sex worker in China’

  • Lurid claims about activities of MPs and peers on parliamentary trips overseas
  • One claimed to have ‘asked for directions to the nearest brothel’ on APPG visit
  • Another ‘hired a sex worker’ on China trip, which was joked about by others

MPs and peers on parliamentary trips abroad have ‘asked for directions to the nearest brothel’, hired sex workers and failed to attend meetings after drinking heavily, it has been revealed.

The claims have thrown fresh scrutiny over the activities of All Party Parliamentary Groups, of which many are dedicated to single causes or individual countries.

There are currently more than 130 country-specific APPGs and these often arrange lavish visits to those nations for their members.

Many have previously criticised these trips as ‘jollies’ for MPs and peers. 

Lurid claims about the activities of MPs and peers on such overseas visits have now been revealed following an investigation by Politico.

One former Tory MP, who is now a member of the House of Lords, asked hosts for directions to the nearest brothel when on an APPG visit to southeast Asia, a fellow parliamentarian told the website.

An investigation by Politico has now revealed lurid claims about the activities of MPs and peers on overseas visits

Another Conservative MP and former minister was claimed to have ‘routinely stayed on’ at the end of APPG trips and ‘linked up with young women’.

A senior Labour MP is alleged to have shown a liking for ‘Russian girls’, while a former Tory MP is said to have hired a sex worker on a visit to China.

Other MPs are claimed to have jokingly referred to this as ‘getting a bouquet of flowers sent to the room’ for the rest of the trip, another of those present told the website.

The investigation also included claims that three MPs failed to turn up to a breakfast meeting organised by the embassy on one trip after ‘heavy drinking’ the night before.

APPGs are informal cross-party groups and hold no official status within Parliament.

They are run by and for MPs and peers.

Fears have previously been expressed about the extent of lobbying by foreign states through interactions with APPGs.

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