Mum pays tribute to 'charismatic and cheeky' son killed in Snowdonia

‘The fact Harvey will always be 17 is unbearable to think of’: Mother pays heartbreaking tribute to ‘charismatic and cheeky’ son killed in Snowdonia car crash tragedy

  • Teenagers Harvey Owen, Jevon Hirst, Wilf Fitchett and Hugo Morris died in crash
  • The boys were driving in Wales on Sunday and were found dead on Tuesday

The mother of one of the teenagers killed in the Snowdonia car crash tragedy has paid a heartbreaking tribute to her son.

Harvey Owen, 17, from Shrewsbury, was found alongside his friends Jevon Hirst, 16, Wilf Fitchett, 17, and Hugo Morris, 18, in their crashed silver Ford Fiesta near Snowdonia National Park on Tuesday.

Harvey’s mother Crystal Owen said today that the thought her son would ‘always be 17’ was ‘unbearable’.

She said: ‘I’ve lost my boy, the boy I absolutely adored, and I can’t accept that I won’t be able to hold him again or tell him I love him again.

‘The fact that Harvey will always be 17 is unbearable to think of and even harder to accept. 

Harvey Owen, 17, (pictured) from Shrewsbury, was found alongside his friends Jevon Hirst, 16, Wilf Fitchett, 17, and Hugo Morris, 18, in their crashed silver Ford Fiesta near Snowdonia National Park on Tuesday

The bodies of Jevon Hirst (left), Hugo Morris (right), Harvey Owen and Wilf Fitchett were found in their crashed silver Ford Fiesta near Snowdonia National Park 

A heartbroken town has gathered together for a candlelit vigil in remembrance of four teens killed in a car crash in North Wales. Pictured: Harvey Owen (left) and Wilf Fitchett (right)

The victim’s parents left flowers at the vigil on the North Wales country lane

Police at the crash site on the A4085. The ditch the car fell into is at the bottom of the image

‘Please hold your loved ones tight, all the minor things we worry about are irrelevant, life is so short and can be so cruel.

‘Harvey was perfect when he came into the world and he will go out that way. He never caused ill will, he did no harm, he wronged nobody, he was and will forever be a son we can be proud of.’

She added: There are absolutely no words to describe the pain we are feeling at the loss of the most precious soul and no words to really explain how much of a special person Harvey was, but I will try my best.

‘From the moment Harvey was born, he was special, a truly longed for baby who made me feel so complete and a much-wanted sibling for Yasmin. 

‘The bond between them was something every parent would dream of. 

‘He idolised his big sister and spent his whole life looking up to her and copying everything she ever did down to his quirky, sometimes questionable fashion sense and even his feminist views. 

North Wales Police said the bodies were found inside the car which left the A4085 at Garreg 

Police continue to survey the site of the crash that claimed the lives of the four teenagers

‘Harvey grew up to be family orientated, he had two younger sisters, Sophia and Olivia who he absolutely adored and who idolised him, their big brother. He was never too old for a hug.

‘I know it sounds like a cliché, but Harvey was a unique and special person who touched so many people along the way.

‘Laid back, charismatic, cheeky, a boy not of his time, he always thought outside the box, he was creative and funny. 

‘A boy that preferred to be outside and active. 

‘He was the most gentle soul, always feeling empathy for people and seeing the good in everyone. 

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‘Quirky, a trendsetter, loving, pure and hilarious, he was so dopey at times it was annoying but he was so lovable it was hard to stay mad at him for long!

‘He was always passionate about his latest craze, whether that be his pets, BMX, his skateboarding or more recently his passion for playing guitar, jazz music, poetry and art. 

‘He loved having jamming sessions with his little sisters, him playing his guitar and them dancing to his music. 

‘Lately he had developed a passion for working with bread and dreamed of one day having his own bread shop and cafe.

‘Everyone has a funny story to tell about Harvey and its these stories that are keeping us going, making us laugh between the tears and will continue to live on.

‘There is never a time to lose a child but this feels so much more gut wrenching as he was literally thriving in life and had everything to live for.’

The boys’ silver hatchback is thought to have veered off the A4085 in wet and windy conditions in Garreg before overturning. The last time the group are thought to have used their phones was at about midday. 

The boys were reported missing to police on Monday afternoon and their bodies were found the next day inside the vehicle which was partially submerged in water.

A major search had been launched for the A-level students after they failed to return home to Shropshire from an overnight camping trip to the Snowdonia area. 

Police have said searches of the area where the car was found, including the use of underwater specialists, were continuing and the road would remain closed.

Staff at the Dough and Oil restaurant where Harvey worked also paid tribute. They described him as ‘easy-going, warm, funny, gentle, bright, hardworking and humble’.

Maddi Corfield, the girlfriend of Wilf, posted a tribute online, writing: ‘I love you so much, I’m going to miss you forever.

Flowers, photos and emotional tributes left at the Garreg village war memorial for the boys

Pictures of the four teenagers are surrounded by candles at Shrewsbury Abbey on Wednesday 

‘The sweetest and most loving boy I’ve ever known. I hope you know how much I love you, gorgeous. Thank you for all the time you’ve spent with me… thank you for loving me endlessly. I promise I’ll do the same for you, my sweet, sweet angel.’

She added: ‘I can’t imagine my world without you. I’m missing you so much already, but I am going to enjoy life the way you would’ve wanted, the way that you made me feel.’

Her mother, Lisa Corfield, 37, said on Facebook: ‘I am absolutely heartbroken for Maddi and all of the families involved. Wilf was such a lovely, kind lad and treated Maddi in a way only a mother could hope her daughter be treated.’

In the teenagers’ hometown of Shrewsbury several churches have been left open for prayer and reflection, while Wednesday evening’s Christmas lights switch-on was postponed by the town council.

Shrewsbury Colleges Group, where the boys were A-level students, offered ‘deepest condolences to the family and friends’ of the teenagers and said it had put in place a range of support measures to help those affected.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sent his condolences to the families, telling the Commons: ‘I know the thoughts of the whole House will be with the family and friends of the four teenagers who died in a car accident in North Wales.’

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