Putin puppets scared Trump indictment opens door to all-out war with Washington

Hundreds of Russian troops killed on Dzharylhach Island

Vladimir Putin’s leading puppets have admitted to fearing the legal woes plaguing former president Donald Trump could inch Russia closer to war with the US.

Trump this week received his third indictment in the span of six months after Special Counsel Jack Smith laid four additional charges at his feet for his efforts to tamper with the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov accused the Biden administration and the Justice Department of attempting to “destroy Trump” in an unprecedented attack against a former US leader.

Solovyov, a favourite of the Russian president, said on his morning show Full ContactI’ve never seen or heard of anything like it in my entire life. In America, they are currently attempting to destroy Trump—and to do it unbelievably fast.

“This sort of thing never happened in American history.”

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Guest Dmitry Evstafiev echoed Solovyov’s assessment of the situation, suggesting the indictment could result in a complete breakdown of communications between the US and Russia – and even lead to an all-out war.

Julia Davis, the founder of the Russian Media Monitor, reported Evstafiev said: “These aren’t the elites or society with whom you can negotiate.

“I’m starting to lean towards your point of view that a big war is becoming almost inevitable.”

He continued: “Americans always thought they could bypass the big war, but the more they keep doing this internally within their own country.

“And if things related to Trump will continue the way they’re going, we can surmise that their regime went from being authoritarian to being totalitarian and I can tell you that they will not be able to escape a big European war.”

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The pundit also joined Republicans in suggesting the latest indictment against Trump is the result of Democrats fearing he could effectively beat Joe Biden in next year’s election.

Despite his ongoing legal troubles, the former president has remained in the lead across most polls testing voters’ intention ahead of the Republican primary.

Evstafiev added: “They were certain that no one would follow Trump. They thought that Trump would be a disco dancer and he would dance disco in front of the rednecks.

“Meanwhile, they [the Democrats] would win. Now they no longer have this certainty. This means that serious powers with big money have committed to Trump.

“To them, Trump is a lesser evil than all the rest. I understand these big-money people! To have a moron as their president is better than nuclear war.”

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