Rapists behind brutal attack on British schoolgirls jailed in Ghana

Armed men who attacked British schoolkids and their teachers in Ghana after holding them at gunpoint have each received a 73-year prison term for rape. The attack took place during a foreign trip to the west African country by six male students, four females, and two teachers, when the group was assaulted in their accommodation by the gang.

Ghanaian national Ishmael Akyene, 34, and Nigerians Daniel Akpan, 29, and Edem Asuquo, 33, stormed the room before sexually assaulting the female members on the trip.

During the horrific three-hour ordeal they also held the male teacher and boys at gunpoint.

The thugs proceeded to steal the group’s possessions before leaving at around 4am in the morning.

According to police in Ghana, the men also confessed to 32 offences, including conspiracy, robbery, rape, and possession of illegal firearms.

Reacting to the sentencing, the Ghanian police said: “Three men have been convicted and sentenced following an investigation by police in Ghana, which has been supported by a UK police force.

“All three men have been sentenced to 73 years imprisonment each. 23 years for firearms offences, 25 years for robbery offences and 23 years for rape. All of the men will serve their sentences concurrently.”

The statement added: “All three men pleaded guilty at a court hearing in Accra in Ghana,

“The convictions are in connection with an incident, which occurred in December 2018 in which a group of pupils and teachers from a UK school travelled to Ghana.

“The school or area where they were from cannot be named for legal reasons.”

The police continued: “Shortly after their arrival, a number of armed men entered the accommodation where the group was staying. The group were held at gunpoint, and the female victims were subjected to serious sexual assaults.”

“The male victims were assaulted and held at gunpoint. Their possessions were also stolen from them before the offenders left the site.”

Ghana Web reports that one of the teaching staff was also raped in the attack.

Having been found guilty the men will have to serve hard labour as part of their sentence.

Additionally, their Green Kia Rio escape car, along with other items used during the crime, have been seized by the cops.

Two of the men were apprehended by the police by tracing a stolen debit card. The group had been coerced into revealing their PIN codes and phone passwords.

During a search of their home, one of the men escaped through the roof and fled to Nigeria. Eventually, the authorities in Nigeria extradited him to Ghana to face trial.

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