Russia dubs ‘expired politician’ David Cameron’s appointment as ‘buffoonery’

New Foreign Secretary David Cameron has been labelled an “expired politician” with his appointment to the role dubbed “buffoonery” by Kremlin-backed Russian media.

When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked ex-Home Secretary Suella Braverman earlier today, as part of a ministerial reshuffle to "strengthen his team in government to deliver long-term decisions for a brighter future”, she was replaced by James Cleverly. And replacing Cleverly as Foreign Secretary was ex-Prime Minister David Cameron – a move which shocked everyone, and saw him made a life Peer in the process.

But the move has been ridiculed by none other than Russia, with an expert writing in the biggest Kremlin-backed media outlet that he'll be “jobless” soon enough. Moscow-based journalist, Mikhail Rostovsky, writing in Moskovskij Komsomolets said: “Sometimes they come back – and no, I don't mean the living dead, but expired politicians.

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“More than seven years ago, (ex-) British Prime Minister David Cameron clipped his country's wings and turned it into a global laughingstock by first organizing and then miserably losing a referendum on keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union. The former British prime minister is a forgotten, but still a superstar of world politics. Everyone knows Cameron, and Cameron knows everyone.

“He also has a very good tongue, and he is a great specialist in PR and propaganda. London is returning to the list of the loudest anti-Russian screamers on the international stage – although, as I suspect, not for very long.

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"Question: is this the political life of a serious and self-respecting state or a buffoonery? “I will refrain from answering and limit myself to the following conclusion: 'Russia’s great friend' David Cameron should not wean himself too much from political mothballs – he'll be back there very soon.”

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Despite once claiming he was a friend of Russia, Lord Cameron was actually banned from entering the country in August 2022. He was one of 39 sanction politicians and journalists banned in response to UK sanctions brought in on several occasions after Russia invaded neighbouring Ukraine nearly two years ago.

Lord Cameron topped the list, which also included Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, and fellow Labour MPs Lisa Nandy and David Lammy.

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