Suella accuses Labour of passing laws that help criminals & vows to end ‘HURRICANE of migration sweeping millions to UK' | The Sun

SUELLA Braverman today tore into "criminal" human rights laws she claimed were wrecking efforts to stop illegal immigration.

In a blistering conference speech that fired-up the Tory faithful, the Home Secretary vowed to confront a "hurricane" of global migration that risks “millions” more coming to Britain. 

She slammed "Sir Keir take the knee Starmer" for being weak on borders and slammed the "luxury beliefs brigade" who dismiss fears of uncontrolled immigration as racism.

Promising to get tougher, Ms Braverman admitted successive governments "have been too slow to recognise the scale of the problem and far too squeamish about being smeared as racist to properly bring order to the chaos".

But she also blamed laws imposed under the last Blair government for creating a nightmare situation that "inhibit" ministers’ ability to crack down.



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She said: "Our country has become enmeshed in a dense net of international rules that were designed for another era.

"And it is Labour that turbocharged their impact by passing the misnamed Human Rights Act.

"I am surprised they didn’t call it the Criminal Rights Act."

In a blistering address, Tory darling Ms Braverman:

  • Promised to start closing down migrant hotels that sting taxpayers for millions each day
  • Refused to be cowed by the "luxury beliefs brigade" who brand her "a racist"
  • Insisted the British public "back" her tough stance on reining in immigration
  • Said the public was safer with Rishi Sunak than Sir Keir "take the knee" Starmer
  • Vowed to get Just Stop Oil "clowns" off Britain's streets with new laws

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Tory activists raised the roof as Ms Braverman vowed to do "whatever it takes" to stop the flood of illegal migrants.

She took aim at the 1998 Human Rights Act brought in to incorporate European law into Britain.

She said the legislation still frustrates efforts to remove foreign criminals and even confiscate phones from small boat arrivals.

The Home Secretary said: "The biggest reason why Conservative governments have struggled to get illegal migration under control is because Labour governments passed laws that inhibit effective action."

Ms Braverman – whose parents came to Britain in the 1960s – also vowed to rein in legal migration, which this year stood at 606,000 net.

She told activists: "The wind of change that carried my own parents across the globe in the 20th century was a mere gust compared to the hurricane that is coming."

And she warned: "The future could bring millions more migrants to these shores, uncontrolled and unmanageable unless the Government they elect next year acts decisively to stop that happening."

In a week in which she clashed with Elton John, her speech also slammed luvvie critics mounting relentless attacks.

Ms Braverman railed: "The luxury beliefs brigade sit in their ivory towers telling ordinary people that they are morally deficient because they dare to get upset about the impact of illegal migration, net zero, or habitual criminals."

She claimed she had become a target for the Left because she tells the "blunt unvarnished truth".

But staring down her haters, she said: "I’m made of strong stuff, so I’m prepared to wade through the personal abuse, the wild invective, and the wilful misrepresentation.”

And the Home Secretary declared Sir Keir the Tories' "secret weapon" heading into the election.

She added: "The British people will get to decide if they want to curb woke with Rishi Sunak or let it run riot with Keir take-the-knee Starmer."

But Tory politician Andrew Boff was not signed up to her approach – and was hauled out by security after heckling the Home Sec.

She already grabbed headlines today after launching a fresh tirade against immigrants who fail to integrate into society. 

Ahead of her speech, Ms Braverman took aim at communities across Britain living “parallel lives”.

She said: "They are coming from abroad, they are not learning the language, they are not embracing British values and they are not taking part in British life.

"That needs to be identified, we need to be fearless in calling that out and that’s my job."

Ms Braverman – who switched outfits twice – doubled down on remarks made last week that drew dividing lines among Tory colleagues.

Both Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt have refused to endorse her claims that “multiculturalism has failed”, and predecessor Dame Priti Patel even accused her of “attention seeking”.

But her hardline stance has won huge support among MPs on the right of the party and grassroots members.

Ms Braverman is widely tipped as a potential successor to Mr Sunak should he lose the next election.

Recent attacks on the European Court of Human Rights – which previously wrecked a bid to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda – went down a storm with some on the Tory right. 

She has made curbing small boat crossings her central mission and has garnered support for her zero-tolerance approach to illegal migration. 

The flagship plan to send small boat arrivals to Kigali has been challenged by left-wing campaigners and hangs on a crunch Supreme Court ruling in October. 

If it goes ahead, lawyers could still scupper flights by appealing to the Strasbourg Court.

This risk has left many Tory MPs publicly calling for Britain to leave the ECHR, with ministers warning that “nothing is off the table”.

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In more crowd-pleasing policies, Ms Braverman is also unveiling plans to ban sex offenders exploiting loopholes by changing their gender.

Some predators have tried to avoid going on the sexual offences register by changing their name and gender.

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