Moment cops arrest murder bid suspect dubbed The Punisher in SUPERHERO costume with Batman-style blades & utility belt | The Sun

THIS is the bizarre moment police arrest a murder suspect dressed in a superhero costume and equipped with Batman-style blades and utility belt.

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva, dubbed The Punisher, was seized by police donning a flowing coat like the ultra-violent Marvel hero and what looks like a Robin mask.

The suspect was caught after he was accused of trying to kill a man during a break-in at a property in Parnaiba, Brazil.

Odd police photos show Rodriguez in an superhero costume, wearing Batman gauntlets, a utility belt with an iron bar and a razor-sharp knife.

He was arrested on Monday after he was accused of breaking into the home of his target while he was sleeping, according to local media.

Rodrigues launched an attack and battered his victim on his chest and legs with the iron bar until the man woke up and fought back.

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Rodrigues fled but was captured a short while later, still wearing his costume, and he is now being held for suspected attempted murder.

After his arrest, Rodriques gave his name as "The Punisher of Parnaiba".

The investigation is ongoing.

In a similar case last year, four cops made a spectacular drug bust while dressed like Marvel superheroes.

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The Peruvian officers disguised themselves as Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and the Black Widow to swoop on the coke gang.

The operation – dubbed "Marvel" – led them to a specific house in the area, where they used special equipment to break down a steel door.

The drugs gang initially thought it was a prank when the gang of superheroes burst in – before 10 other officers followed.

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