Surfer pounded by huge waves before Bondi Rescue guard helps him

Terrifying moment at Sydney’s Tamarama beach as a surfer is pummelled by huge waves before Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy jumps in to help him

  • Surfer was pummelled in wild surf
  • Bondi Rescue’s Luke Faddy bravely came to his aid  
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Terrifying footage has emerged of a surfer being pummelled by huge waves during wild weather conditions at a popular beach before one of the stars of Bondi Rescue came to his aid. 

The surfer was seen in the water at Tamarama Beach in Sydney’s east battling wild surf near the rocks in video posted this week to social media by Bill Morris. 

The footage shows the force of the water pushing the man to the edge of two massive vertical rocks known as ‘The Twins’. 

In the footage posted to Instagram the man is seen struggling to stay above the water and swim away from danger

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The footage then cuts to the man being pounded by large waves as he struggles to stay above the water and swim away from danger. 

Moments earlier Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy, who saw the man battling in the white water, is seen calling out to another bystander to check on the surfer’s condition. 

He bravely dives into the water and begins to swim toward the surfer with nothing but his flippers and a rescue tube slung over his shoulder. 

The person filming is heard telling Mr Faddy ‘he’s alright’ as the lifeguard continues to swim toward the surfer’s direction.

The surfer is later seen riding his surfboard over milder waves as he begins to make his way back to shore to get to safety near Bronte Beach. 

Mr Faddy also returned to shore safely. 

Mr Morris captioned the video of the incident recounting how another man was also with the surfer at the time before they both got caught up in the waves. 

‘In an increasing swell 2 surfers were cleaned up by a large set, one breaking his leg rope before getting caught in the rocks near the Twins,’ Mr Morris wrote. 

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Luke Faddy (pictured) rushed to the surfer’s aid as he saw the man struggling near the rocks, before he leapt into the water with nothing but his flippers and a rescue tube slung over his shoulder

Head of Waverly Council Lifeguards Bruce Hopkins praised Mr Faddy’s efforts in rushing to the surfer’s aid. 

Mr Hopkins told Yahoo that beachgoers should not swim through the current during these situations. 

‘The best thing to do is actively float where you’re treading water,’ Mr Hopkins said. 

‘Don’t try and swim back to the beach.’ 

‘You’re better off just floating and then you’ll know which way the waters taking you and go with the flow of that water.’ 

Mr Hopkins said the waves are very strong at Tamarama and surfers are often swept out by the power of the water. 

Tamarama beach is considered one of the most dangerous beaches in NSW due to its deep water and huge swells that produce powerful rips. 

Several people have died at the popular spot including well known publisher Matthew Richell, who got swept onto the rocks while he was surfing in 2014. 

Surfers pulled his body from the waters but he couldn’t be revived. 

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