These nations have some nerve to bash America on human rights

UN envoys from some of the world’s worst human-rights-abusing nations must’ve been looking in a mirror during Monday’s UN Human Rights Council proceedings, when they raked America over the coals for abuses far more common, and worse, in their own countries.

China (yes, China) rattled off talking points covering a range of subjects, including religious discrimination and respect for “people’s rights to life and health.”

Seriously? Beijing is holding more than 1 million Uighurs in “re-education camps,” where evidence of torture, forced sterilization of women and other methods of population control have emerged. The Chinese sounded like they were in Opposite World.

They also demanded politicians stop “politicizing and stigmatizing COVID-19,” though that one’s understandable: China has been hiding key info about the coronavirus (which originated there) and its role in spreading the germ worldwide, and it surely wants to redirect the world’s attention rather than be held accountable.

Russia offered a knee-slapper, too: It demanded the US “guarantee freedom of expression in the media” and end “interference in international internal affairs.” This from a regime that poisons journalists and meddles in many other nations’ politics, including notably the 2016 US elections.

Meanwhile, Pakistan, which also blasted US religious intolerance, regularly persecutes religious minorities. Lebanon, partly run by Hamas terrorists, blasted America’s “armed violence.” Terror-sponsoring Iran spoke against “arbitrary killings.”

Does anyone still think President Trump was wrong to pull out of this council?

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