Thoughtful teenagers deliver care packages to elderly people

Thoughtful teenagers deliver care packages to elderly people in self-isolation after seeing pensioner left with nothing in his shopping basket

  • Sam  Hornsby and Matty Perry from Doncaster are helping local old people 
  • The pair were distressed when they heard about people struggling for food
  • The teenagers pooled together £30 to buy ten care packages for distribution 
  • They have been delivering packages around Harlington, South Yorkshire  
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Two teenagers left heartbroken after seeing an old man ‘left with nothing’ in his shopping basket are now delivering care packages to the elderly in self-isolation.

Best friends Sam Hornsby and Matty Perry were left feeling upset when they saw an old man who looked desolate as he struggled to get supplies due to coronavirus shortages.

But the 17-year-old boys wanted to deliver smiles around their community and immediately devised a plan to help others who were self-isolating due to Covid-19.

Sam Hornsby, pictured left beside Kellly Heptinstall, Nicky Russell, decided  with his best friend Matty Perry, right, to deliver care packages to old people living in their village of Harlington, South Yorkshire

The teenagers are determined to keep their deliveries going as long as possible 

Fellow locals have been dropping in donations so the youngsters can carry on their good work

They pooled together roughly £15 each of their own money and purchased items like pasta, porridge, biscuits, toilet roll and teabags and filled 10 bags to be delivered.

They went door-to-door around the village of Harlington, South Yorkshire, where they live, and now plan to continue for as long as they can.

Sam, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said: ‘We saw him looking so sad and he was left with nothing, he was just looking at a single bag of flour he had in his hand.

‘All I was thinking was that I would never want to see my grandparents left to feel like that – it was so heartbreaking.

‘As we walked out of ASDA we said let’s chip our money in together and see what we can do to help our little village.

‘It blew up from there and now we’re hoping to continue to help as many people as we can.

He added: ‘We want to inspire others to take care of the elderly in the way they took care of us.’

Best friend Matty, also from Doncaster, South Yorks., added: ‘It was so upsetting, I couldn’t believe people were really being left to struggle like that.

‘Their expression when we delivered the packages was so amazing, they were all so grateful for the little we did.

‘Everyone we met told us they were struggling and were worried they might not be able to get through it.’

He added: ‘We want other young people around the UK to just do their little part and help someone.

‘We had someone in Leeds message us to help get their mum some supplies as he was stuck in America.

‘I think if we all did a little bit, it would go a long way.’

Matt’s proud mum Kelly Heptinstall, 38, said she wasn’t surprised by the kindness shown by the boys, who’ve known each other for 10 years.

She said donations have been pouring in with many in the community wanting to follow in their footsteps to lend a helping hand.

The stay-at-home mum said: ‘I’m massively proud of what they’re doing.

‘I’ve been overwhelmed by what they’ve done. People have left donations at our house.

‘They’ve been helping people in our village and community but now people from other villages have been asking for help.

‘Matty and Sam got really upset when they saw this old man who looked so sad.

‘They wanted to do something to help and when they got back decided to use their own money to do something about it.

‘It’s been amazing to see people’s reactions, someone said their husband had passed away just four months ago and she didn’t know what to do.

‘She started crying but she was just so grateful and completely gobsmacked.

‘The boys have seen what’s been going on and realised that many older people were going to struggle.

‘They have always been caring lads, I know how 17-year-olds are meant to be but they’re always so polite.’

She added: ‘I’m just so proud. In these times this is so important.

‘People say only elderly people are affected by coronavirus, but that generation of people fought wars for us so it’s time for young people to step up for them.’

Full-time fitter Sam and college student Matty have urged people to be sensible with their shopping – even if they are doing so for a good cause.

Avid mountain biker Sam said: ‘A lot of people feel vulnerable and scared in these times, so it’s good for us to make sure they don’t feel completely alone – even if they’re in self-isolation.

‘We’re doing an inventory of things we’re buying now so we can organise everything and not ransack shops when there are others who need supplies too.

‘If we’re all sensible and all help each other, we will get through this together.’

Barnburgh and Harlington council have donated £250 to the boys’ cause.

In a Facebook statement they said: ‘Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council would like to thank Sam and Matty for taking the initiative and time to think of older residents in the Parish at this difficult time by arranging and doing care packs.

‘The residents have been overwhelmed by this kindness.

‘The Parish Council would like to donate £250 and the Parish Councillors are also going to contribute so this good work can continue.’ 


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