Upstate New York bully claims his suspension is RACIST

Bully claims his suspension is RACIST after he slammed 11-year-old boy half his size into the ground – attack follows others caught on camera at east coast schools, weeks after teen was beaten in viral video before suicide

  • A bully who slammed a younger student to the ground in a shocking attack has claimed his suspension is racist
  • The student has been charged with third-degree assault following the attack, which was widely viewed after sickening footage of circulated online
  • The vicious bullying is one of several to be caught on camera in weeks, after footage of another east coast student being beaten led to her tragic suicide

An upstate New York bully who slammed a boy half his size into the ground has claimed his suspension from school is racist. 

Footage of the sickening attack was widely circulated online this week, which occurred at the Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, near Rochester, on Monday afternoon.  

The 15-year-old assailant has been charged with third degree assault following the attack, while the school also removed him for the rest of the year.

However, the accused bully has since spoken out as he claims that his suspension was racially motivated, but other students warned he has a history of targeting smaller students in vicious attacks. 

Video of the severe bullying is one of several such attacks to be spread across social media in recent weeks on the east coast, after footage of New Jersey student Adriana Kuch being beaten at school led to the 14-year-old’s tragic suicide earlier this month. In another horrifying video, a student at a Virginia school was strangled on a bus by older girl.

The incident involved a ninth grade student picking on a sixth grader at the Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, just west of Rochester, on Monday afternoon

The recent attack in upstate New York saw the bully, speaking to The Post Millennial, claim that race was not a factor in his decision to target a small white student. 

However, he feels his punishment from the Spencerport Central School District was due to him being black, rather than because he brutally slammed the other student into the concrete floor.  

‘Last year, my brother got into a fight and a lot of white people jump[ed] him and not one of them got suspended or in trouble,’ he claimed.  

But his protests over unfair punishment were disputed, as other students alleged that the bully routinely picks on smaller students at the school. 

One unnamed student added that the shocking footage was not even the worst incidence of him attacking younger pupils. 

‘They have all been against kids way smaller,’ they claimed. 

‘[He] once slammed a much smaller kid and punched him. Everyone saw it but a teacher. He’s also fought a kid and chased him in a lunchroom.’ 

They said the bully, who was in the ninth grade, targeted the sixth grader after misidentifying him with another student, with video of the attack showing the victim repeatedly telling the bully ‘It was the other dude’ before he is attacked. 

The brief clip, which has been viewed millions of times after it was posted to social media, shows the ninth-grade student towering over his victim during what appears to be dismissal at the school. 

As large crowds of students leave the entrance and walk towards a row of buses, the larger student quickly grabs his victim from behind before screaming incoherently in his face. 

The small sixth-grader repeatedly pleads his innocence while throwing his hands in the air, but his attacker clings on while students gather to watch. 

As the situation escalates, crowds of kids can be heard shrieking with laughter, not knowing the violence that was about to ensue. 

Footage of the attack shows the large ninth grade student first confront his victim, who was half his size

After a brief argument, the bully snatches the much smaller student off his feet before slamming him into the concrete below

During the argument between the two students, the ninth-grader suddenly reaches down and grabs his victim behind the knee. 

With his other hand still grabbing him from behind, the far-larger boy lifts him into the air, before slamming him hard into the concrete ground. 

The victim is seen landing painfully onto his side, however he appears to be mostly unscathed as he springs to his feet and flees through a crowd of students. 

With the shocking footage going viral online, an urgent school board meeting was called, where board vice president Michael Miceli said officials were investigating the incident. 

The school declined to comment on the development when contacted by 

Parents who attended the meeting said the video was ‘horrifying,’ and that it made ‘your stomach turn,’ as school authorities are under pressure to combat bullying in the region. 

Officials insisted during the meeting that it would take action, saying they felt the older student ‘sought out’ his victim before the attack. 

‘We take this act of violence very seriously,’ said Miceli. ‘We will support any strict disciplinary consequences once the investigation concludes.’

‘Finally, with this devastating video going viral, our primary concern is to support the well-being of our Cosgrove student,’ he added.

Parent Lisa Watson questioned whether students were facing proper consequences from the upstate New York school

The New Jersey teen Alaina Kuch, 14, killed herself days after she was seen being attacked in high school hallways by bullies – as local residents have demanded officials take stronger action against bullying in the district

New Jersey students described what they believed to be ‘a shocking lack of sensitivity’ and action from the ‘administration who swore to protect’ them amid rampant bullying in the area

Despite school officials insisting they are taking action, a teacher at the meeting slammed the school for failing to solve systemic bullying among the students. 

‘These students are fighting, being suspended, returning to school, and fighting again. By giving little to no consequences we are tolerating it, allowing it to not only continue, but to get worse,’ said Christina Buckner. 

‘I know that we have more security than we had last year, which we are extremely grateful for, but I don’t think that it’s enough.’ 

Another parent agreed following the meeting, urging for harsher consequences as she said she was concerned about whether bullies were facing proper punishment. 

‘Are consequences not being given, I don’t know,’ parent Lisa Watson said. ‘It just seems like the same students are acting inappropriately, and that’s to be a safe term.’

Condemnations over rampant bullying in the upstate New York area mirror those in nearby New Jersey, where the tragic suicide of 14-year-old Alaina Kuch has led to local protests over a failure to stamp out the problem. 

Backlash over the school’s reaction to the suicide led hundreds of students and local residents to congregate outside the campus to demand action, where they were seen holding signs to protest what they described as failure from ‘an administration who swore to protect’ students. 

In another horrifying bullying incident to hit the east coast, a Virginia mother has shared footage online showing the moment her 12-year-old son was strangled by an older girl on a school bus. 

Mother Taylor Brock said despite the girl having a 60 pound weight advantage over her son, the bully savagely beat her son while also grabbing him by the mouth. 

Brock has joined numerous others in condemning the recent spate of bullying. 

She said that despite the girl being instructed to walk in a different hallway, following a period when she was suspended for the incident, her son still sees her and even has to share his lunch hour with her.

‘This isn’t something that’s going away for him,’ Brock wrote on her blog. 

‘She gets suspended and goes back to school. It doesn’t seem like a fair trade. My son is still not protected. If other children are coming forward and they don’t have video, then there’s no hope for them because I have video and still nothing.’

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