Wagner boss Prigozhin ‘got high and set off grenade’ on plane, says Putin

Former Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin's cause of death was his own doing, according to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

It appears despot Putin would have members of the public believe the ruthless group leader was high and setting off a grenade on his own plane at the time of his death. Prigozhin was also allegedly high on cocaine at the time of his death, Putin claims.

Putin made the comments during a recent appearance at the annual Valdai Discussion Club. He said no evidence of an "external impact" had been found, meaning the explosion came from inside the plane.

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An ongoing probe into the death of Prigozhin and the other people who lost their lives aboard the plane is currently underway. Putin's statement on the matter was vague but hinted at a grenade being the item which caused the disaster.

Although a drugs and alcohol search of the site has not been conducted, Putin piled on the claims and said Prigozhin's office in St Petersburg was found to have five kilograms of cocaine. His claims come as the Wagner Group Telegram posts continue to praise Prigozhin.

One tribute at present read: "He can be criticised for certain events, but he was a patriot who defended the motherland's interests on different continents…

"He was charismatic and importantly he was close to the fighters and to the people. And that's why he became popular both in Russia and abroad." Putin's comments may come as the ruthless Russian looks to denounce Prigozhin, The Sun reported.

Comments from the Russian leader come as nuclear war drills were carried out across the country. Putting the 12 timezones of Russia to the test of nuclear preparation, as Daily Star reported just how terrifying the drills were.

Some were not made aware of the drill, with no alarms blaring nor any indication of a test for Russian civilians to take part in. Those who did hear the alarms may have been woken up in the middle of the night and taken to a variety of underground bunkers.

A message was broadcast on television, which read: "Attention, everyone! There is a check of readiness of the warning system to the population. Please remain calm." Speakers sounded the same warning across the country.

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