HAY fever sufferers are being warned to be vigilant after pollen levels soared to "very high".

The Met Office has revealed those in the West Midlands and Yorkshire are worst affected by the condition.

But the count is still "high" in most areas across the country – including the East of England and the North West.

The pollen count will continue rising across the week as the weather heats up.

This Thursday will be the worst day for hay fever sufferers with most of the UK experiencing a "very high" level.

The Met Office recently warned warm and wet weather was causing worse-than-usual symptoms for hay fever sufferers.

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Grass pollen is usually the main culprit in July but experts have warned of a new phenomenon – thunderstorm asthma.

Allergy UK says this occurs when asthma and hay fever sufferers experience worse symptoms when the weather is unsettled.

It comes as temperatures are set to soar to 35C amid a ten-day heatwave.

Forecasters predict temperatures in the UK will rocket by July 15.

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Optimum conditions for hay fever are when it is warm, humid and windy.

The summer sun is proven to circulate pollen and mould spores – leaving people red-eyed and full of sneezes.

The hot weather also means residents are more likely to leave windows opens – causing pollen to float through homes.

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