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THE eight-week Tory leadership race has finally come to an end and Liz Truss has been revealed as the new prime minister.  

Here is when Liz Truss will start as PM.

When does Liz Truss officially become Prime Minister?

Liz Truss won 57 per cent of the vote of Conservative Party members, defeating Rishi Sunak by a 14-point margin.

She will officially become PM on September 6, 2022.

This is after current PM Boris Johnson has informed Queen Elizabeth II that he is resigning.

On September 6, Mr Johnson will leave Downing Street for the last time and fly to Balmoral – where he will meet the new successor and the Queen.

He will then be escorted into the Drawing Room, where Truss will relinquish his role for the first time in history.

Truss is expected to make her first speech as PM from Downing Street around 4 pm.

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Liz Truss is the next PM – what is she promising Britain?

Liz Truss set to unveil £100bn cost-of-living package in first week as PM

From Tuesday afternoon, it is expected that she will begin to appoint their top government team.

It is thought Wednesday will be the first day the new cabinet meets officially for the first time with the main topic of conversation likely to be the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

Mr Johnson will then officially become a Tory backbencher again, like his predecessor Theresa May.

What he does next is unclear, but allies have suggested he won't quit.

When will Liz Truss meet The Queen?

After Mr Johnson has departed from Balmoral on September 6, his successor will arrive where they will be invited in to see the Queen and be appointed as Britain’s next Prime Minister.

This historic audience, known as kissing hands, traditionally takes place at Buckingham Palace.

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Liz Truss WINS Tory leader race to become next PM after beating Rishi Sunak

However, due to an "episodic mobility issue" the 96-year-old monarch remains outside of London.

PA Media, which received the royal statement, said that while it might have been possible to go to London or Windsor Castle, it was decided to go for certainty and to avoid the need for last-minute changes.

What is on Liz Truss's manifesto?

During the leadership campaign, new prime minister Liz Truss set out some of her policies. Here are some of her key proposals.

  • Says she will reverse the recent rise in National Insurance, which came into effect in April, and hold an emergency budget
  • Will not bring in any new taxes and will scrap a planned rise in corporation tax – set to increase from 19% to 25% in 2023
  • Would suspend what is known as the “green levy” – part of your energy bill that pays for social and green projects
  • Will pay for the cuts by spreading the UK's "Covid debt" over a longer period
  • Promises to change taxes to make it easier for people to stay at home to care for children or elderly relatives
  • Wants to create new “low-tax and low-regulation zones” across the country to create hubs for innovation and enterprise
  • Says she won’t cut public spending unless there is a way to do so that won’t lead to future problems
  • Would bring target of spending 2.5% of GDP on defence forward to 2026 and introduce a new target of 3% by 2030

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