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LIONEL Flores Jr claims to be the official chef of the Liver King, Brian Johnson.

His Instagram account is littered with pictures of him with the Liver King and the recipes he makes.

Who is Liver King's chef Lionel?

Lionel appears to be the Liver King's official chef.

His Instagram account is filled with Q&As, recipes and images of him with the King.

The Liver King is a fitness fanatic who wants everyone to live like our cave-dwelling predecessors.

What does Liver King's diet consist of?

The influencer currently resides in Austin, Texas in a 8,300 sq ft mansion with two doberman dogs.


Bodybuilder who claims eating liver made him buff admits steroid habit

Pic shows what the Liver King looked like when he was younger

He lives a relatively minimalist lifestyle, sleeping on a bed made from wooden pallets.

He claims that he doesn't allow any mobile phones inside his bedroom, and has installed Faraday curtains on the windows to prevent radiowaves passing through.

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Social media exploded when he began sharing daily videos of his meals.

Does Liver King actually eat rare meat?

Liver King maintains his physique by following a diet of raw beef liver, protein shakes, egg yolks and bone marrow.

Speaking to GQ, he said he eats around a pound of raw liver every day – though recommends others start with three ounces, two times a week.

Desperatly seeking answers, Johnson read Nourishing Traditions, a book by Sally Fallon that claims to challenge "politically correct nutrition and diet dictocrats".

Since then the family began to live by what they refer to as the nine ancestral tenants; to eat, sleep, move, shine, connect, cold, sun, fight and bond.

He recently confessed to using steroids in a six-minute long YouTube video.

He said: "I fully own that I f***** up. I am as sorry as a man can be."

It comes after an email was said to show how Johnson described his steroid regiment, according to Rolling Stone.

The claims his regiment cost his $11,000 per month.

The emails are said to have been sent to an unnamed coach in 2021, the same year the Liver King started posting on Instagram and building up his fanbase of more than 1.7million followers.

Many were quick to blast the muscleman, with some hoping it would encourage other fitness influencers to be honest about their steroid use.

One commented: “This was bound to happen. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.”

Another said: "Hopefully this is a watershed moment for the fitness industry and will lead to greater transparency."

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A third person wrote: “Man it’s great to see it finally made perfectly clear that what we all knew was true. I feel bad for the few people who believed he was natty.”

Taking steroids can be dangerous and pose a danger to growth and life. It is advised against taking them unless given the all clear by a medical professional.

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