Wife beater Johnny Depp raged ‘I wouldn’t touch f***ing wh*re' Amber Heard ‘with hazmat suit on’ in sick texts

JOHNNY Depp blasted he "wouldn't touch" ex-wife Amber Heard "with a hazmat suit on" in messages revealed in court today.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star described his ex as a "f***ing wh*re" – saying "I f***ing hate her" in an explosive message sent to his nurse.

The Court of Appeal was today shown the message as Mr Depp, 57, launched an appeal over last year’s High Court ruling that he repeatedly attacked his then-wife Ms Heard.

Depp sued The Sun for branding him a “wife beater” but his lawsuit backfired dramatically when the judge, Mr Justice Nicol, decided the words were accurate after a three-week trial in July last year.

And today the star’s lawyers claimed Ms Heard, 34, was not a credible witness as there was only evidence of her her giving $350,000 to the ACLU and $100,000 to the hospital after she said she would donate the full $7million divorce settlement to charities the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Andrew Caldecott QC, for Depp claimed the actress may have “deceived” the judge into thinking “she was a likely victim of domestic violence”.

But Adam Wolanski QC, for The Sun, said Depp was “preoccupied” with the idea that his ex was a “scumbag gold-digger”.

The judges were shown a text message sent by Depp to his nurse in August 2016 which read: “She won’t donate ONE PENNY!!!! No way she’ll give a dime to anyone!!! Thank f*** she’s gone!!!

“Makes me sick to think of how hard I tried to make it work. Now…

"Honestly, I wouldn’t touch that f***ing whore with a hazmat suit on!!!

“What scum. I f***ing hate her!!!”

And Mr Wolanski said it was “fanciful” and “absurd” to suggest that Ms Heard’s charity donations could have influenced the judge’s finding that Depp violently assaulted her.


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He said: “The labelling of Ms Heard as a ‘gold-digger’ was a misogynistic trope. It was hopeless, just like [Depp’s] theory that these accounts of abuse are a ‘hoax’.

"It’s nonsensical, and goes to no issue in the case.”

Mr Wolanski said Ms Heard had pledged to pay the money to the charities over the course of ten years – and has already donated $1.8million.

He added: “She has made these pledges and she fully intends to fulfil them.”

Depp’s lawyers claim Mr Justice Nicol “failed to examine the evidence and the arguments with the care that the parties were entitled to expect” – despite a four-week trial and the fact the judge spent three months preparing his judgment.

They also claimed his intricately-detailed judgment – which runs to 129 pages and more than 69,000 words – “lacks both analysis and reasoning”.

The Court of Appeal will announce its decision on whether to give Depp leave to appeal at a later date.

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