Woman and girl injured after stunt plane plummets to the ground

Shocking moment stunt plane crashes into Argentina street and seriously injures mom, 27, and her three-year-old girl who were standing watching: Pilot miraculously walks away

  • Yésica Acuña and three-year-old daughter Isabella Santiago were injured Saturday when a stunt plane crashed into a street in Argentina and hit them
  • The pilot, Fernando Endrigo, survived the crash and remains hospitalized with chest, abdominal and head trauma 
  • Endrigo was performing an acrobatic show with another pilot when he did an inside loop and suddenly appeared to lose control of the aircraft
  • The plane dove towards the village of Villa General Belgrano, colliding with a tree and hitting the 27-year-old mother and her child
  • Acuña underwent emergency surgery for fractures to the femur and pelvic area; Santiago suffered an abdomen and hip injury

A shocking video captures a stunt plane crashing into a street in central Argentina before slamming into a woman and her daughter – leaving the pilot and the two pedestrians seriously injured.

Yésica Acuña, 27, and three-year-old Isabella Santiago were walking back to their home and stopped to watch two stunt jets perform maneuvers in the mountainous village of Villa General Belgrano on Saturday night.

The pilot, Fernando Endrigo, 35, was putting on an acrobatic display along with a second jet as part of a wedding festivities for Rodrigo Cerioni, a well-known stunt pilot, according to Infobae.

Video footage showed Endrigo repositioning the Rans S9 Chaos aircraft as part of a stunt in which he increased the altitude. He then pulled off an inside loop while the other jet performed the same trick.

Endrigo appeared to lose control of the plane as it dove straight down. The stunt plane hit a tree before ramming into Acuña and Santiago.

Fernando Endrigo is tended to after the Rans S9 Chaos he was piloting crashed while he was performing an acrobatic stunt in Villa General Belgrano, Argentina, on Saturday

A stunt plane piloted by Fernando Endrigo maneuvers in the sky before it plummeted to the a street and hit a 27-year-old woman and her three-year-old daughter

Firefighters to cut the plane open in order to remove Endrigo from the wreckage.

Endrigo, Acuña and Santiago were initially rushed to Eva Perón Hospital in Santa Rosa de Calamuchuta, and then transferred to other medical facilities in Córdoba.

Endrigo suffered ‘blunt chest trauma, abdominal trauma, left ankle fracture and head trauma.’ He is in critical condition while being cared for at Private University Hospital of Córdoba.

The Villa General Belgrano Fire Department had to cut a section of the aircraft to remove pilot after his stunt plane crashed while performing an acrobatic stunt for a wedding ceremony 

Argentine newspaper La Voz reported that Transportation Safety Board is looking into what caused Saturday’s stunt plane crash in the mountainous village of Villa General Belgrano 

Acuña underwent emergency surgery for fractures to the femur and pelvic area at Misericordia Hospital, where she is in intensive care.

Santiago suffered an abdomen and hip injury, and is in stable condition at Córdoba Children’s Hospital.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the accident, La Voz newspaper reported.

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