World’s bravest dog Proteo who worked to save stricken children in Turkey quake dies after 'being crushed by rubble' | The Sun

A BRAVE rescue dog has died while searching for survivors in the wreckage caused by the earthquake in Turkey.

The heroic dog, Proteo, flown in from Mexico to help locate survivors, died in action.

"Thank you Proteo for your heroic work, you fulfilled the Mexican Army's mission," the Mexican Ministry of Defence said on Sunday.

They continued: "The members of the Mexican Army and Air Force deeply regret the loss of our great companion, the dog 'Proteo', you fulfilled your mission as a member of the Mexican Delegation in the search and rescue of our brothers in Turkey."

"We are proud of you."

One of the soldiers taking part in the rescue operations in Turkey reportedly said: "I want to tell you that I am proud of you, because you have always been a strong dog, a dog worker who never gave up."

Online users have praised Proteo for his efforts, but some demanded more details about the circumstances of the brave rescue dog's passing.

So far, the Mexican MoD had not elaborated on how the dog died, with Mexican media reporting that it was while it was searching the rubble for survivors.

Emergency workers are battling against the clock to save people from the rubble, with the international community sending in numerous experts to assist.

Turkey's disaster management agency (AFAD) said the death toll has surpassed 31,643 and over 80,000 injured in the country.

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The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck early on Monday morning in southern Turkey, devastating the south of the country and northern Syria.

A second earthquake of 7.6 magnitude hit the same region several hours later, further devastating the area and hindering rescue efforts.

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