You will need a second look to figure out what's REALLY happening in these bizarre images

From funky camera angles to reflective glass, do you think you'll need a closer look?

These funny – and sometimes naughty pictures have been posted on social media to see if they can be deciphered.

Shadows and depth of field are also some of the tricks that the eye is playing on you.

One picture shows a bulldog that looks like its driving a car and another shows a flu jab that is going to the wrong place.

See if you can figure these deceptive pictures!

Mum is this going to hurt?

Heads will roll…

The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the side of the house

Ice ice baby!

Curiosity killed the cat

Off to see the Wizard

Don't get your knickers in a twist

Cruise control

Give the dog a bone

A little pinch

Double doors

Skid marks

To live among the wolves

To break the glass ceiling

Sneak cat attack

Barnum and Bailey's latest trick

The last supper

A tissue, a tissue

Legging it

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