Aaron Carter's Mom Says Police Missing Clues in Death Scene Photos


Aaron Carter‘s mom is not buying the notion he died of an overdose — she’s incensed the police aren’t investigating his death as a homicide, and believes photos from the death scene contain some leads.

Jane Carter joined “TMZ Live” Thursday and shared her thoughts and suspicions about what really went down the day her son died back in January. As we reported, she just made the decision to release pics of his bathroom … where he was found dead in the tub.

Jane tells us, while she knows Aaron was a drug addict, she doesn’t believe he wanted to die … nor does she think he would huff enough aerosols to kill him.

Instead, she’s absolutely convinced someone was out to get him, and points out there were plenty of people — including alleged drug dealers — harassing Aaron online. Jane also claims cops did not do a thorough welfare check when they went to Aaron’s home the night before his body was found.

Jane’s Post Aaron Carter's Mom Posts Death Scene

Aaron’s mom desperately wants investigators to take a much closer look at all possibilities of foul play, because, to her eyes, some things just don’t add up … especially when she sees how much water was left in the tub — as seen in the photos — after his body was removed.

Remembering Aaron Carter

Jane acknowledged the toxicology report could provide more answers when it’s completed — but she says it could also create a lot of questions about what or who is responsible for his death.

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