Billy Corgan Joins Code Orange On New Song 'Take Shape'

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently joined Code Orange on a new song, “Take Shape,” from the hardcore band’s upcoming fifth studio album, The Above, due out on September 29 via Blue Grape music.

According to a press release, the accompanying video for “Take Shape,” directed by drummer Jami Morgan and Max Moore, harkens back to a time “when music videos were at peak importance.”

“Spread your wings / show us who you are / spread your wings / you’ll go far / show us all, show us who you are / spread your wings,” Corgan sings in the song’s final pre-chorus.

“I have been working on the concept for this video, and others to come, for about a year and a half,” Morgan said. “I am so thankful to have been able to sit under the learning tree of Max Moore and our DP Eric Robbins. They allowed me to sit in on every minute of this process from hirings to scouting, all the way to final coloring. Being that deep was a revelation, and I have found a new love along the way. I couldn’t be prouder of the result.”

The Above, produced by Morgan and Eric “Shade” Balderose and engineered by Steve Albini, will be Code Orange’s first LP since their 2020 album, Underneath.

(Photo: Jonathan Weiner)

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