Courteney Cox Gets 'Friends' Reunion with Aniston and Kudrow at Walk of Fame

courtney cox walk of fame

Just as the theme song mentioned, your friends will be there for you, which is exactly why Courteney Cox had her closest gal pals from “Friends” by her side while getting honored in Hollywood.

Courteney was gifted her star on the Walk of Fame Monday, and costars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were in attendance for the big day — gracing her and the audience with a fantastic joint speech all about Courteney.

courtney cox walk of fame

The 2 compared their decades-long friendship to sisters, with Jennifer joking that 30 years since they first met must be a typo — and no, it isn’t.

Jennifer added Courteney has also been an “inclusive, warm, loving” person, noting she was pretty nervous when she first met her — considering herself a “huge fan.” Lisa even hilariously called Courteney the only person in the cast that was famous.

courtney cox walk of fame

Lisa lovingly mentioned Courteney was the reason the ensemble was so tight all those years … the star of honor also spoke about her time on the hit sitcom, saying everyone went through so much together — adding there was no jealousy, only support.

Could make for a great new episode … “The One Where Phoebe and Rachel Show Up For Monica!”

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