Drake Shoots Down Claims He Booted Woman After Sexual Liaison


Drake is denying rumors made by a woman who claims the rapper flew her out for a romantic night, but then gave her the boot once she started recording him.

The Canadian rapper issued a statement Wednesday on Instagram, apparently addressing the women’s TikTok video about their alleged encounter. Drake wrote, “Never met. Never spoke. Never flew.” He added, “I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given s*** is sad out here”.


In her TikTok video, the woman states that Drake direct messaged her after she posted a story mentioning the music icon while she was clad in lingerie.

She says they began talking, which led to Drake booking her a flight to see him. Before anything went down between them, Drake made her sign an NDA or so she claims.

At one point she says, “he kept on rubbing on my stomach and asking me questions like ‘do you want kids?'” She went on to say they started drinking and vibing … and eventually, things escalated to them having unprotected sex.

The woman also claims Drake became angry when she began recording him … saying he slapped her phone out her hand and kicked her out his crib.

Of course, the woman’s video went viral  … but the clip has been deleted now that Drake has entered the conversation, calling BS on her accusations.

But, the woman insists she has proof that what she says about Drake is TRUE!!!

We’ll keep an eye out for those receipts.

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