Drew Pearson Says Cowboys Will Re-Sign Dak Prescott, Likely To Richest NFL Deal Ever

The Dallas Cowboys WILL re-sign Dak Prescott … at least, that’s according to Drew Pearson, who tells TMZ Sports the QB’s new deal will almost certainly be the richest one in NFL history.

Pearson spelled it out loud and clear for us during an interview earlier this week … saying there’s just no way in hell Jerry Jones will let his star signal-caller get away from Dallas after this season.

“Dak ain’t going anywhere, OK?” the Hall of Famer says. “Jerry Jones is not going to let Dak Prescott go away. He’s everything we want in a Dallas Cowboy quarterback.”


Of course, some have wondered if this could be Dak’s last year in Big D — because while he does have one year left on his current contract, his cap number is slated to be monstrous in 2024. Plus, the Cowboys traded for former top-five pick Trey Lance in August.

Prescott’s stellar play this year has quieted a lot of that chatter … although without a deep playoff run this season, it’s likely the talk will loom around the team for the entire offseason.

But, Pearson made it clear, he doesn’t believe Prescott will go anywhere one way or another.

“He’s going to end up being the highest-paid player probably in NFL history,” Pearson said. “Because Jerry Jones is not going to let Dak Prescott go. We are going to sign Dak Prescott and he’ll be a Cowboy for life.”

dak prescott

In fact, Pearson said he’s so high on Prescott — he’d actually take him over Jalen Hurts right now.

“You’re talking to a receiver, OK?” he said. “I want the guy that’s throwing it right here.”

Hurts and Prescott will face off later Sunday … and if you haven’t already guessed — Pearson tells us he’s picking Dallas to win the huge matchup with Philadelphia.

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