Guns N' Roses Officially Release New Single 'The General'

Guns N’ Roses recently shared a new single, “The General,” their second release this year, on streaming platforms.

The band, which released “Perhaps” in August, debuted “The General” to a sold-out hometown audience during their two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angles this fall.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, who wrote “The General,” introduced it as a song they hadn’t played before and that “it could be very interesting.”

“My only regret / Is that I never took the time to forget / All those unspoken feelings / That were never spared,” sings Rose.

“The General” is also available as a physical release on the B-side of the limited-edition seven-inch vinyl of “Perhaps.”

“It’s by far the heaviest metal tune I think I’ve ever heard Axl [Rose] do, this slow, grinding riff with these high, piercing vocals, screaming vocals,” Sebastian Bach said about “The General” during an interview with The Metal magazine in 2007.

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