Ice Cube Calls Out Barack Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson 'Nothing Changed'

It’s not only politics that makes for strange bedfellows — Ice Cube‘s unloading on Barack Obama, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 vaccines and more … with, of all people, Tucker Carlson.

The duo rolled through South L.A. together for an episode of Tucker’s show on Twitter — and they quickly found common ground on several topics … starting with former President Obama. Cube said he was proud America had elected a Black man, and thought maybe “this guy is gonna be the guy.”

But, ultimately Cube feels Obama — like all of his White House predecessors — did nothing to change his life.

Tucker and the rapper/actor also bro’d out on BLM … Cube’s criticism being the org didn’t improve things for the Black people he knows and loves, while Tucker’s voice-over and editing attacked BLM for allegedly misappropriating millions of dollars.

Interestingly, Tucker — a staunch and vocal proponent of police — never asked Cube about writing the song “F**k Tha Police.” 🤔 Interesting.

Perhaps the most cringe moment came when Carlson referred to Ice Cube as one of the “least obedient” celebs in Hollywood. To be fair, it was a lead-in to Cube not getting the COVID vaccine — something upon which they fully agree — but, still … poor choice of words?

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