Meghan Trainor Reveals a Dream ‘Bucket List’ Performance That She Hasn’t Done Yet

Meghan Trainor is dishing on one performance she has yet to do, but really wants to!

While talking about performing on Australian Idol recently, and her upcoming single “Mother,” the 29-year-old pregnant singer revealed one gig that is a huge goal.

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Meghan has previously talked about performance anxiety on her Workin’ On It podcast, but she was one platform she really wants to do, and no, it’s not the Super Bowl (although she did recently talk about that too).

“My goal in life, the only thing I haven’t done… I’ve literally done everything. I have not done SNL, and that’s a big bucket list for me, even though it terrifies the f–k out of me,” Meghan shared. ” Because it is live live. That’s a goal. If I went there and did ‘Made You Look’ and ‘Mother.’ I’m gonna be like eight months pregnant by the time this song is poppin’, hopefully… So that’s the only other place I could perform.”

She then noted that she will be in NYC soon to promote her book “Dear Future Mama: A Tmi Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood from Your Bestie,” which comes out in April.

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