Prince William & Kate will go to Wales next week to celebrate Black History Month

It is ridiculously funny to watch as Prince William disappeared into the ether as soon as his big “I Wanna Be A Global Statesman” New York trip was over. We seriously haven’t seen him since last week. It was clear that his father ordered William and Kate to not do anything during Charles’s big French tour, but that doesn’t explain William’s refusal to do any work this week. He was so obviously and desperately trying to steal attention away from the Sussexes during the Invictus Games, then his NYC trip was supposed to be William copying the Sussexes’ NYC trips too. And now? Now William is dreadfully bored with working. Well, gear up, because the Prince and Princess of White Supremacy are going to Wales to mark Britain’s Black History Month.

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) September 29, 2023

Basically, William and Kate are going to Wales to do photo-ops with some Black people and then they’ll go to a local school to hear about how Black history is taught. I mean… those events are fine, in theory. Y’all know the execution is going to be horrific though. Gawping and jazz hands, wiglets askew, white-power suits and a general lack of preparedness. This will be Bill and Cathy’s first appearance in Wales since they turned up over an hour late for their dumbf–k “tribute” to QEII on her death-anniversary.

Photos courtesy of Instar, Cover Images, Avalon Red.

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