Prince William & Kates Boston thunder was stolen by the Sussexes, sob

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have many amazing qualities, but one of my favorites is “they’re effortless thunder-stealers.” Harry and Meghan can just exist, breathe, thrive and the royal thunder is STOLEN. Considering how many times the Sussexes were mentioned by Kensington Palace in the lead up to Prince William and Kate’s Boston trip, you would have thought that the Waleses would expect this, to have their thunder stolen by the people who live rent-free in their minds. But no, William and Kate are incandescent with rage that Netflix dropped the Harry & Meghan teaser yesterday, on Day 2 of the Boston Flop Tour. Now “sources” are screaming and crying about the Sussexes launching a “coordinated campaign” against the Waleses. Don’t you know that Earthshot is like the Super Bowl?? *sob*

The release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix trailer is believed to be a “coordinated campaign” to overshadow the Prince and Princess of Wales’ big US visit, sources told Page Six. The dramatic teaser for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s hotly anticipated six-part docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” dropped early Thursday, while Prince William and Kate Middleton were in the middle of their big Boston visit — for William’s pet cause, the Earthshot Prize ceremony, which has been touted as his “Super Bowl.” Markle’s friend, journalist Omid Scobie, seemed to make the point clear when he tweeted out the trailer on Thursday: “If tomorrow is Prince William’s Super Bowl, then here’s your Halftime Show.”

One palace insider told Page Six they believe the Sussexes are trying to “disrupt and clash” with William and Kate’s American visit. Royal watcher Hugo Vickers, a friend of the royal family, told Page Six of the timing: “Surprise, surprise, how very boring of Harry and Meghan. But this sort of thing is inevitable. It does sound a bit pretentious what they have produced.”

One well-placed royal insider told Page Six: “If the Sussexes are worried they’ll look diminished and less credible in comparison to the Prince and Princess of Wales’ first overseas tour in this new era, they’ve overplayed their hand with a string of PR announcements designed to clash with Waleses’ visit this week.”

Other sources were at pains, however, to say that Harry and Markle had nothing to do with the timing of the docuseries trailer, adding that it was decided by Netflix chiefs. Page Six is told that, in fact, the Sussexes had asked for it to be released on Monday, Nov. 28, ahead of the show’s Dec. 8 launch date.

The royal insider pointed out that, while the Sussexes claim to be a “privacy-obsessed couple, the 60-second trailer contains intimate images, moments and places never before shared — and with raw emotion. It’s hard not to make a Kardashian comparison with the Hollywood vibe.”

All of this has palace insiders worried about exactly what will be said in the show — and if it will feel like a declaration of war.

“At one point is enough going to be enough?” the palace insider source asked. Asked what the ultimate impact on Harry and Markle’s relationship with the royal family could be, the insider said: “This is upsetting, but I very much doubt the king’s son will be banned from attending his coronation.”

[From Page Six]

I actually believe that the Sussexes would have preferred to release the Netflix trailer before the Waleses’ Boston trip, just like I believe that it was Netflix’s call and Netflix loves poking the Windsor bear. And how does the trailer “diminish” the Sussexes? If anything, they succeeded in stealing the keen thunder and Will and Kate should be f–king grateful. Their trip is a f–king flop, they’re getting booed and barely anyone wants to see them and a huge racist catastrophe exploded while they were mid-flight to Boston. Will & Kate should send the Sussexes flowers and a box of cashews for changing the subject.

“This is upsetting, but I very much doubt the king’s son will be banned from attending his coronation.” That means that Charles is issuing a toothless threat to his younger son: I won’t hesitate to ban you from the coronation, stop it now! It’s toothless because it will look incredibly bad for Charles if he “bans” Harry from the coronation.

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