Jay-Z Hits Patriots Game, Sits With Robert Kraft In Owner's Suite

jay z robert kraft

Jay-Z got a taste of what NFL ownership would be like on Thursday night — sitting alongside Robert Kraft in the New England honcho’s suite for the Patriots’ ‘TNF’ game … while rubbin’ elbows with star players after the contest as well.

HOV hit Gillette Stadium for the Bills’ dominant 24-10 win over the Pats from start to finish — with cameras capturing him chillin’ with Kraft for the entirety of the night.

Unclear what Bob and Jay talked about — but seems safe to say the potential of the rapper eventually owning the Commanders came up.

As we reported, Jay-Z has been very interested in putting in a bid for Daniel Snyder‘s Washington team … taking a secret dinner with billionaire Jeff Bezos in L.A. last month to talk about the logistics of it all.

It’s unknown yet if Snyder has any interest in selling to the two titans … but at least two star Buffalo players made it clear they’d welcome Jay to NFL fields with open arms.

Josh Allen and Gabe Davis were both spotted showing big love to Jay-Z in a stadium tunnel following their win. And, afterward, Allen joked with media members about being kind of starstruck over it all, saying, “I’m not sure he knew exactly who I was.”

Come on, Josh — future NFL owners (maybe?!?) know all the big names!

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