The Windsors will never include Duchess Meghan in ‘peace talks,’ they ‘do not trust’ her

King Charles has been in residence at Balmoral officially since Monday. Hello Magazine reports that Prince William and Kate are due to visit “in the coming days.” Hello’s piece actually reminded me of something I forgot, which is that William and Kate arrived in Scotland separately last year, well before QEII passed away. William and George arrived at Balmoral first, then Kate brought Louis and Charlotte up separately. This would have been right before Kate was sent to live in Adelaide Cottage, her little separation house. Separate lives.

Instead of focusing on the sorry state of the Wales marriage, of course all of the royal experts are completely focused on that random claim that King Charles and Prince Harry were planning to meet for “peace talks” in September. The original claim was solely about Harry and his father. Then William freaked out and started running around and furiously briefing reporters that Charles wouldn’t dare, that William still hates Harry and William would never sit down for any peace talks. Well, Duncan Larcombe was one of those royal commentators who got a call from Kensington Palace:

Multiple royal experts told Fox News Digital they don’t believe a “peace summit” is happening between the monarch and “the spare.”

“The person I spoke to about this, they poured quite a lot of scorn on it, and we’re not at that stage yet from either side,” said royal expert Duncan Larcombe. Larcombe said it would take “nothing short of a miracle” for Harry, 38, and Charles, 74, to come together and repair their relationship.

“Feelings between Prince William and Prince Harry are still running so strong that I think King Charles would think long and hard about going behind William’s back and trying to make peace with Harry,” he explained. “I just don’t think that time has come yet. I’m not saying it never will. But I think we’re a long way off.”

Larcombe claimed that whenever the royals finally agree to a sit-down, the Duchess of Sussex wouldn’t be part of the conversation. The former American actress became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Harry in 2018.

“If … they do have a summit, that will only happen on the basis that it’s in the strictest confidence and the details of that conversation would never go anywhere else,” Larcombe explained. “I just don’t think that they would trust Meghan. … You can’t have a full and frank conversation with Harry and run the risk of it being broadcast in America soon after. That’s a trust thing. The royals do not trust Meghan. And I think they’ve already got quite a good reason not to trust her at this point.”

[From Fox News]

“I just don’t think that they would trust Meghan” – Meghan, the woman who basically said that the Windsors and the British media were in cahoots to ger her to unalive herself? The same woman who didn’t even reveal half of the sh-t that those people did and said to her? The woman who was held hostage repeatedly by a racist, misogynistic institution? The thing is, they’ve always been terrified of her and it’s just because they don’t have anything on her, nothing to hold over her head, nothing to threaten her with. Anyway, these people f–king suck and it speaks volumes that the sum total of this little briefing spree is that “we still hate Meghan and we refuse to include her in anything, and William is permanently incandescent with rage.”

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