Tommy Fury responds after Jake Paul claims Molly-Mae has given birth

Tommy Fury has 'responded' after his rival Jake Paul claimed that Tommy's girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague has given birth to their daughter.

Speculation is rising that former Love Island star Molly-Mae has in fact given birth to their first child, although neither of them have confirmed if she has.

Tommy has long had beef with YouTuber Jake, with the pair set to face off in the ring in Saudia Arabia on 26 February, with Tommy's team releasing a statement in which the boxer vowed to "end" Jake's boxing career.

The pair have been due to fight twice before, however, both have been cancelled on Tommy's end, for various reasons.

MMA fighter Jake appeared to confirm that Molly-Mae had in fact already given birth as he took to Twitter to talk some fighting talk against Tommy.

He wrote: "Tommy has no excuses now – Baby’s born."

"Money’s massive. Immigration no issue. Tyson promises he and Papa will make Tommy retire from boxing and change his last name if he can’t beat the YouTuber.

"Tomorrow I’m coming to London to look at all 3 Furys in the eye and shake on that promise."

Whilst Tommy made no mention to Jake's claims that Molly-Mae has welcomed their daughter, he released a statement showing his commitment to the fight.

It read: "Jake Paul’s boxing career ends on February 26th and I can finally move on with mine. Every time I go out right now, everybody asks me about the Jake Paul fight.

"After this fight is done, everybody will be asking me how it felt to knock Jake Paul out. The world is about to see what happens when a proper boxer faces a YouTuber."

The statement declared that Tommy would "get the job done" and predicted that the upcoming match "won't be a long one."

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for Molly-Mae and Tommy to announce that she's given birth. Both of them have been suspiciously quiet on Instagram, leading to speculation that their bundle of joy has arrived.

On December 28, Molly-Mae announced that she was 34 weeks pregnant and due to give birth in January, so if she hasn't already done so, the baby's arrival will be imminent.

Some of Molly-Mae's fans have turned detective and are convinced they've "worked out" the very unusual name that Molly-Mae and Tommy have chosen for their daughter.

One TikTokker took to the social media site to claim that she thinks Molly-Mae's daughter's name will be 'Nephele' – which means clouds in Greek.

The fan pointed out that Molly-Mae, who previously revealed that she'd had her child's name picked out since she herself was a young girl, has added a cloud emoji to all of her posts about pregnancy and her unborn daughter.


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