“Walmart brought the cast of ‘Mean Girls’ together for a commercial” links

The Mean Girls cast – minus Rachel McAdams – reunited for a Walmart commercial. Apparently, McAdams was asked and she just turned it down flat. [Socialite Life]
Priyanka Chopra looked gorgeous in Mumbai. [GFY]
Oprah dropped her “favorite things” list of 2023. [Buzzfeed]
Sophie Turner and “matrescence.” [LaineyGossip]
Why does the Ted Lasso doll have such dark hair? [Tom & Lorenzo]
Speaker Mike Johnson is probably broke?? [Jezebel]
Kendall Jenner’s leather trench coat looks weird in California! [JustJared]
Kate Hudson shared a rare family photo for Halloween. [Hollywood Life]
Quantum Leap takes on the LA Riots. [Seriously OMG]
I disagree with this review of The Gilded Age – it’s not “gloriously bad,” it’s just glorious. It’s fun, stupid, low-stakes and utterly enjoyable. [Pajiba]

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