Zara McDermott in ‘amazing place’ with Sam Thompson

Zara McDermott says she's not pregnant after posting ultrasound

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Zara McDermott, 25, admitted she is currently in an “amazing place” with boyfriend, Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson. The former Love Island star opened up about her relationship during an exclusive interview with

Discussing her relationship with Sam, Zara revealed that the pair took things to the next level by moving in together, and more recently, adopting two cats.

The former policy advisor said: “We are in an amazing place now!

“We live together, we have our two little fluffy kittens that got last Christmas.

“That was definitely a new stage of commitment and adjustment. Being responsible for something other than ourselves, caring for them etc.

“To be honest, they have ended up being the bosses of us!” she joked.

Zara added that while they are not ready to start a family and very busy with work commitments, they have both thought about the future when renovating their home.

She said: “We are also coming to the end of our house renovation which has been almost 18 months of work and we created the space with our future in mind, for sure!

“We definitely aren’t ready for marriage and kids yet though, we are really happy with our lives and we are enjoying being young, throwing ourselves into our work and booking lots of fun holidays over the next few years!”

Zara added: “I am only 25 so I personally don’t want to be thinking about all of the more serious stuff until I’m in my 30s!

“I am too focussed on my career right now!”

Zara, who is also a brand ambassador for Always, has been working with the brand to get people talking about First Periods and remove the stigma around the topic.

Speaking about her experience with periods, Zara revealed that she was “anxious” about hers not coming as she was a “late bloomer”.

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She said: “I was actually a bit of a late bloomer; all the girls in my class had started theirs and I was one of the last.

“Us girls spoke about the fact we had started our periods but didn’t really talk about what that meant.

“I was anxious because mine hadn’t started as quickly as the other girls (I think I was 14), and also the fact that I didn’t really understand what it meant.

“I remember my mum trying to talk to me about it so many times to prepare me, but I felt embarrassed to speak to her about it. I kind of didn’t want to know, as the thought of it overwhelmed me.”

However, the TV star highlighted how she wanted to get involved in the campaign in order to help girls who might feel “scared, confused and embarrassed”.

Zara said: “First periods can seem daunting and overwhelming for young people and parents alike, especially when it arrives unexpectedly. In fact, recent research from Always confirms that 1 in 3 feel unprepared for their first period with the top three emotions being scared, confused and embarrassed.

“I wanted to get involved with the #FirstPeriods campaign to open up the conversation and normalise periods to help young people feel more prepared and comfortable when their first period arrives.”

For more advice, you can download the Always #FirstPeriods guide for tips on how to have that first period conversation.

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