Expert sparks massive debate over how often you should deep clean your home… so are you below average? | The Sun

AN EXPERT has revealed the three areas of the house the majority of people don’t realise they’re meant to clean, but people were left distracted by something completely different. 

Sergio, who appears to run a cleaning business with his mum Ana, took to their social media account to share his tips and tricks. 

Waving to the camera, he claimed to viewers: “Did you know that the average person deep cleans their home at least two times per month? 

“But what 99 percent of people don’t realise – maybe including you – is that there are many things you don’t even think about cleaning that you’re actually supposed to clean.” 

He went on to explain that by neglecting these areas, you could potentially “negatively” impact your house and “even your health”. 

Sergio then explained the first thing most people don’t consider is the cover of a fan in the house. 

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He said that you must remember to clean your bathroom fan cover both over and underneath to remove “excess debris”. 

After first going over it with a hoover, he said you should wash it under water with the use of a degreaser and brush. 

He said: “This will allow your fan to have maximum performance, guaranteeing that your bathroom has enough airflow, which will help to prevent mould and bad odours from developing.” 

If you have a garbage disposal in the kitchen of your home, you should also be cleaning the guard for this, he shared. 

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You can do this by removing it and spraying it down with a cleaning solution before scrubbing it and putting it back into place. 

And finally, the third and “smelliest item around the house” that must be cleaned is the rubbish bin. 

While Sergio instructed viewers to use Clorox, the equivalent in the UK would be to spray Domestos on the bin. 

After allowing it to sit for a few minutes, Sergio said you should rinse it down with water.

“Proceed to scrub with soapy water and brush all corners and crevices thoroughly,” he said. “And rinse again with more water. Wipe it dry and voila! 

“Now you have a nice looking trash can and no smells.” 

In the caption, TikTok user @edgecleaning shared: “99% of people don’t realise there are many things you don't even think about cleaning, but that you are actually supposed to clean!” 

People were quick to comment on the post, but it wasn’t the tips he shared that got their attention. 

“I deep clean once every two years,” one person wrote with a shocked emoji. 

Another said: “2 times a month?!? What? Who??”

While a third shared: “I never deep clean my house, I only surface clean 1 time a month, dishes once a week, laundry whenever the pile gets too high”. 

And a fourth joked: “We have a 5-month-old. I don’t get the privilege to clean anymore,” followed by a crying emoji. 

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Others, however, found his insights helpful as one person shared: “I love the deep cleaning videos, reminds me of things I never thought of,” followed by a clapping hands emoji. 

How often do you clean your home? 

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