I bought the viral bikini designed for tanning, I got lines in the most awkward places and it was see-through | The Sun

A GLOBETROTTER has shared her scathing review of a viral bikini that promises to give wearers an all-over sun tan.

She decided to try the swimwear for herself after seeing fashionistas online boast about how it helped them avoid tan lines.

Amanda Lynn (@amandas.adventures) has garnered over 4.3 million followers on TikTok, where she shares her travels around the world.

She took to the social media platform to give her verdict on a swimsuit that she bought after seeing that it was trending.

“Alright girls, did all of you get the sketchy tan-through bikini ads on your For You Page?” she said.

“I fell for it and thought I had nothing to lose by ordering it but it did take three months to come.

“Initial thoughts, it is very poorly designed. 

“I am not impressed and I think this whole piece looks like it should run this way.”

Amanda placed her hand over one side of the bikini to point to where she thought the material was incorrectly stitched vertically instead of horizontally.

“Otherwise the mesh is very comfortable,” she continued.

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“I removed the padding and it’s hard to say how see-through it is but we’re gonna just risk it.

“As for its intended purpose, I tan really easily so we’re going on a walk today and we’ll soon find out.

“I’m not worried about the center of the fabric, I’m worried about the thickness of the seams but yeah here goes nothing.”

She donned a pair of blue over-ear headphones as she went for a 15-minute stroll with her dog in the sun.

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She then moved the bikini straps to reveal that her skin had begun to tan and perhaps unsurprisingly the swimsuit claims about minimising lines were inaccurate.

“That’s a pretty big contrast,” she said while pointing at the tan lines.

“Honestly if you going to advertise a tan-through bikini why would you make the chunkiest design ever?

“Worst case if I get tan lines at least keep it small. 

“What is this fat line going across my chest? That’s that, it doesn’t work.

“I do think it’s really comfortable but just don’t buy it.”

She captioned the post: “Just as I predicted, why are FYP [for you page] ads always so sus?”

Almost 69,000 people watched the video and it racked up thousands of likes from people who were grateful for her unbiased opinion.

Amanda chose not to reveal which brand she bought the bikini from however similar styles can be found online for as little as $20.

“I’m so happy you did this review because I’ve been so curious,” one commented.

“It’s see-through as s**t. Might as well go to a topless beach. Don’t buy it,” another wrote.

“Thank you for saving me the money,” a third quipped.

“Omg I just got the same one I wear the thick straps around my back, but agree it doesn’t look quite right… also can definitely see my nipples,” a fourth said.

“I’ve been seeing these ads all the time recently so thank you for the honesty,” another added.

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