I came back from maternity leave six months pregnant with baby number two – it put a spanner in the works for sure | The Sun

SHE took a year off work after giving birth to her first child.

But when Madeline returned to the office, her colleagues had a bit of a surprise.

"When you return to work from maternity leave 5.5 months pregnant," she wrote over a video on TikTok.

In the clip, she put her hands on her growing bump – showing it off in a cream dress.

"When you leave work super pregnant and come back super pregnant," she captioned the video.

People took to the comments section to weigh in on Madeline's situation, with one writing: "I did this!!

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"A lot of staff didn’t appreciate it either, but I got paid 2 lots of mat leave."

To which Madeline replied: "Probably puts a spanner in the works but oh well!

"What a good work place – mine is the same! Very supportive for pregnancy!"

"My mum worked with a woman who came back from maternity leave pregnant … SIX TIMES IN A ROW," another added.

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"I didn't even go back," a third commented.

"I had my 2nd baby 5 weeks BEFORE my maternity leave ended.

" Irish twins, both born 2021, girl & boy."

As someone else wrote: "My principal would have a fit.

"She’s said in meetings we need to be sure to plan our pregnancies to land in summer months. (As if that’s easy)."

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