I didn’t know I was pregnant until I went to A&E thinking I had terrible constipation and my waters broke

A GIRL has revealed how she had no idea she was pregnant and thought she was constipated when she was really going into labour.

Sharing her story online, the single mum, 23, explained that she woke up one morning with severe pain in her stomach and back and was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis, when her waters then broke.

TikTok user Hannah Violet explained in a video she shared online that she went through a cryptic pregnancy – where conventional medical testing fails to detect when a woman is pregnant.

Women who experience cryptic pregnancies tend not to show any typical symptoms, like vomiting, abdominal swelling or fatigue, and can continue to have regular periods.

Hannah had no idea she was pregnant, especially as she had been using contraception during sex – as she revealed in an earlier video, and when she developed pain in her stomach, she presumed she was constipated.

In her post, that has been watched over 60k times, Hannah says: "Me waking up one morning in a lot of pain in my stomach and back, thinking I'm constipated.

"My dad then finding me on the toilet and my mum telling him to call 111. They tell us on the phone that it could be appendicitis and that an ambulance was on its way.

"They then call back and say no ambulances are available and that my dad has to take me to A&E."

At the hospital, it soon became apparent that Hannah, then around 20 years old, was about to give birth.

"We get to the hospital and they want to take blood, but I'm in too much pain to stay still for them to get a needle in, two seconds later my waters break and they tell me I'm in labour," she reveals.

"They took my parents into a room to tell them that they're about to be grandparents. Me then asking for my mum to be with and my dad stays in the room with tea and biscuits while he calls my brother."

Hannah continues: "They then get midwives to come from the other side of the hospital, I give birth to a baby girl 50 minutes [later].

"They then tell me that we have to be transferred to another hospital in separate ambulances and that I can go in my dad's car after giving birth. I'm now a single mum to a healthy three year old."


What is a cryptic pregnancy?

A cryptic pregnancy is where conventional medical testing methods fail to detect when a person is expecting, according to Healthline.

Also known as a stealth pregnancy, cryptic pregnancies are considered rare and women who experience a pregnancy of this kind tend not to show typical symptoms of pregnancy, including vomiting, fatigue, nausea or abdominal swelling resembling a bump.

Women can appear to have regular periods too, as fluctuating hormones can lead to slight bleeding that resembles menstruation.

Those watching were baffled by Hannah's experience, with hundreds commenting on her post to share their shock.

"New fear UNLOCKED," posted one person, while another said: "This is hectic, congrats though."

A third wrote: "That must have been so damn traumatic," to which Hannah replied: "It was, but I just had to get on with it."

Others could sympathise with Hannah and shared that they too went through a similar experience.

"This happened to my mum too!! I was born in the front of a BMW after one hospital turned her away," revealed one viewer.

One more shared: "This almost happened to me but I found out at 34 weeks! Now I have a healthy 1 year old named Amelia."

Another added: "Exactly the same thing happened to me, but couldn't be any happier with my little one."

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