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A HOME hacks, cleaning and decor guru has revealed how she cleans wooden cutting boards – and it's so easy that scrubbing isn't needed.

U.K.-based TikTok user @tanyahomeinspo, who dubs herself the "Queen Of Hacks," recently took to the video-sharing app to show others a "must try" tip for cleaning wooden cutting boards.

In the footage, Tanya showed her followers how to clean wooden boards with a large disposable aluminum foil container, hot water and dish soap.

According to the influencer, letting wooden cutting boards soak in hot water for an hour is perfect for removing unwanted dirt.

After letting two cutting boards soak on top of each other for 60 minutes, the water where the pieces of wood were placed appeared dirty with small particles floating around.

However, not everyone agreed with Tanya's idea.

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One TikTok user commented: "They could warp or split from being submerged. Just rub with salt crystals and a lemon half."

Another said: "Boiling water releases the tannins from the wood."

"Some of the color that you are seeing is actually the wood's color being released by the hot water," a third commented.

A fourth person wrote: "You'll weaken the boards doing this, just scrub them and re-oil."

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Another cleaning hack for wooden cutting boards, shared by Tanya, is to pour salt on the chopping boards, squeeze juice from a lemon on top of it and massage the board with the lemon remains.

Once the board has been massaged, it should be wiped with a wet cloth to complete the cleaning process.

According to Healthline, wooden boards "require regular cleaning to avoid contamination of food with bacteria, such as E. coli, that may cause foodborne illnesses."

"You should aim to use multiple cutting boards — one for raw meats and one for fresh produce," the health news outlet suggests.

"If you’re unable to do so, one cutting board should suffice as long as you clean it thoroughly."

And if you are trying to get those nasty brown stains off your plastic boards, hack guru Armen Adamjan insists that scrubbing with water and soap won't get you anywhere.

Taking to social media, he held up his dirty plastic cutting board and said: "If your cutting board looks like this and no matter what you do, the stains just won't come out, here's what you should do."

He proceeded to sprinkle some baking soda on the stain before pouring a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on top.

If you don't have hydrogen peroxide, you can use vinegar instead.

This combination created instant bubbling as the two chemicals react when combined.

He then added sea salt on top and used half a lemon to scrub the three products into the board.

The acidity, as well as the chemical reaction and the graininess of the salt, melted the stains right off.

After washing it with some water, the plastic board looked almost brand new.

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