I flaunt my cellulite in cute lingerie sets, it's beautiful not disgusting, I deserve to shake it too | The Sun

A CURVY model has been using her platform to share her message of self-love.

The influencer embraced her cellulite as she modeled a lingerie set for her followers.

In her post, Sophie Louise Hughes (@sophwithlove) showed off a realistic look at her body.

The Instagrammer shared a series of pictures of her posing in the leopard print set.

In one image, she included side-by-side comparisons of her body in a posed and relaxed stance.

In the posed picture, Sophie stood looking at the camera over her shoulder, showing off the thong as well as the apparently smooth skin on her upper thighs.

However, in the second image, which was apparently taken at the same session, she turned away from the camera.

Sophie's bum and upper thighs clearly showed the cellulite that covered them.

"You weren’t born insecure. You were taught and conditioned to feel that way by a billion [dollar] industry that profits on your self-hatred," she explained in the caption.

"We don’t post the image on the right because we were taught that cellulite is disgusting," Sophie continued.

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"We don’t see the woman on the right on IG because she doesn’t meet the beauty standard," she said.

Sophie encouraged her followers to embrace their own bodies, especially the parts often conceived as flaws.

"You are enough at every angle, in every light, that you deserve all the cutest lingerie sets and you deserve to shake your cute little ass cellulite and all," she told her audience.

Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her positive message.

"A world of self-love, not self-loathing! P.S. I have this set! Gorgeous!" wrote one Instagram user.

"You are beautiful and are helping me accept my body, thanks," said another viewer.

"This is so amazing," commented a third impressed person.

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