My door is covered in Gingerbread Christmas decorations… neighbours hate it – that makes me want to annoy them even more | The Sun

A NEIGHBOUR has complained about a young mum's Christmas door decorations as “tasteless and tacky” leaving her shocked.

For the past four years Hannah Cox, 31, has used her front door to celebrate the joy of Christmas with extravagant displays.

But last year, the Minehead, Somerset resident received a frosty response from one neighbour who threatened to be the Grinch who stole her Christmas.

“When the neighbours knocked on the door, they asked what the display was and why I was doing it

“Their complaint was along the lines of 'it's a bit over the top' and ‘tacky’ for a neighbourhood such as ours,” Katie said.

But this year, Katie has bounced back stronger than ever with a gingerbread-themed front door, saying the household that didn't like her decorating only made her want do it more.

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The professional wreath maker has revealed her theme for this year: a gingerbread bakery – costing £500 – and she doesn’t care what others think.

“Christmas is meant to be magical and fun. I wanted to do the Grinch as a comeback but I thought I might run into copyright issues so plumped for the gingerbread theme.

“I want the display to be even bigger this year and will probably add some more decorations around my windows.

“It's not to everyone's taste but I put in a lot of effort to make it look super festive and fun.”

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Other residents on the new housing estate have backed her creativity and told Hannah to carry on decorating.

Neighbour Caroline Cape, 63, said Katie’s 2023 Gingerbread-themed front door was one of the best she had produced.

Caroline said: “Hannah is amazingly talented and what she produces not just at Christmas but throughout the year is fantastic.

“It’s her way of brightening up her street as well as showcasing her business.

“Anyone who has a problem with it should come and have a word with me and I’ll put them straight.”

Another neighbour Tony Belvoir, 66, said: “Why can’t people just accept that here is a young woman who is doing her best to make her neighbourhood fun?

“My grandchildren love coming around every year to see what Hannah has created and as far as I’m concerned she can carry on decorating.

“Those having a go at her efforts are just Scrooge-like figures who don’t know the meaning of the word Christmas.”

The front door display also doubles as a shop window to promote her wreath making business, which she shares on her Instagram: @artificial_hannah.

“I just like to be different with decorating, it works great for advertising what I can do. I make the designs up in my head and change the door colour every year. It's faux and high quality, and it's all reusable.”

Last year, the professional wreath-maker spent just under £700 dolling up her door, including a giant six-foot nutcracker at £250 and a jolly arch for £435.

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