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WHILE many people convert lorries, vans or school buses into homes they can live in, one woman opted to buy into a community farm. 

Sophie Kovic has been living on the farm since 2019 and shares the realities of what her life looks like now on social media platform TikTok.

“Live yo dreams fam, life is now and it’s precious,” she wrote in the caption of the video and added hashtags indicating she’s in Australia and lives off grid. 

“A year and a half ago, I did something that normal people would say is completely crazy… I bought into a community farm,” she said as scenes of holding baskets full of vegetables and chickens running free appeared on the screen. 

The scene then turned to a tiny house featuring just a few windows and a front door as she continued: “Here’s my tiny house being delivered. This is my two acre share of a 66 acre farm, where I’ve got my tiny water tanks, solar power…” 

Showing off the inside of the small home, she panned the camera around to show a small, wooden bar area with stool, a bed with a mattress and brown linen on it as well as a kitchen. 


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She then shared clips of the other community members walking around the land, where there’s a common area and an education centre. 

Answering how a community farm works, she said they all help out in the kitchen but there’s no obligations. 

Sophie said they put in “as much or as little” as they can afford to. 

“We do all pay a levy, which pays for the farm manager,” she continued. “But sometimes we have volunteers as well as Jeff, who founded the farm and who also lives on the farm, is a leading permaculture expert so people love to come and learn from him directly.” 

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Other scenes showed her holding a baby goat whose birth she had witnessed, a community kitchen garden, and freshly picked berries. 

Sophie said there are all kinds of people from different backgrounds in the community, like a cheesemaker, a fermentation expert, musicians, teachers and a neuroscientist. 

While some people have gushed over her lifestyle, wishing they could do the same, not everyone is for it. 

And when one person commented: “Smells a bit culty in here,” she couldn’t help but hit back. 

In a second clip, she could be seen in a summer dress, picking berries, as text appeared on the screen. 

“To the people who are afraid of things they don’t understand or haven’t yet experienced,” she started.

“I’m sorry you’ve been hurt, I hope one day you find a way to heal,” followed by a green heart emoji. 

“Only love,” she added in the caption alongside a red heart emoji. 

Others had nothing but lovely things to say though as one person wrote: “Sounds like a beautiful village of people who care to actually help one another, as we should,” with a red heart emoji. 

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“I would love to live in a community like that!” another said.

While a third added: “and I’m here for it”. [sic]

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