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A MAN who lives in the coldest place on earth has revealed how he layers his clothes to stay warm.

Right now, Jeff Capps is dealing with temperatures of minus 76 degrees celsius in Antarctica.

Antarctica is the southernmost continent in the world and home to the South Pole – meaning it is freezing all year round. 

It’s no surprise that it’s the least-populated continent on earth, but that doesn’t deter Jeff from living there. 

Brits battling frost and sub-zero chills this winter could learn a thing or two from the content creator.

He has shared snippets into his icy life on TikTok, sparking curiosity from cold Brits wondering how he survives in such extreme temperatures.  

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In a recent video, he revealed exactly how he layers his clothes to stay warm outside. 

“Since Antarctica is the only place in the world that gets that cold, a lot of people have been asking how we dress for that kind of cold,” Jeff said. 

“We start out with a base layer which is basically all wool.”

The second layer is fleece-lined trousers and a cotton jumper. 

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Jeff then stacks up the outfit with lined and waterproof overalls. 

All three of those layers are for warmth, while the fourth one is what he calls a “wind layer”. 

This consists of a puffer jacket that Jeff says is “one of the warmest layers that he has”. 

The final coat is a thick waterproof that zips up tight to his body to keep all the heat in. 

Jeff also wears specialist boots, a fur-lined hat and three neck gaiters – one of which covers his face and he calls the “Darth Vader mask”.

To protect his hands he wears thick mittens, as well as a headlamp to see where he is going in the dark. 

According to Jeff, this outfit is his “walk between buildings gear” and not something he would stay out in for too long. 

“Longest I’ve stayed out in this is about 40 minutes,” he said.

“Anything longer and I’m grabbing my parka.”

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Antarctica has an extremely cold, dry and windy climate. 

It is particularly cold in the mountainous and interior regions, with temperatures dropping below 60 degrees celsius in winter and below 20 degrees celsius in summer.

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