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A MIDWESTERNER who shopped at Publix for the first time has revealed what shocked her the most about the beloved grocery store.

Publix is largely found in the south, so not everyone in the US has the chance to experience what it's like to shop at the grocery giant.

Talia Lakritz shared her recent experience shopping at Publix with Insider.

She had never previously shopped at the store, as she's originally from Wisconsin.

And while she has shopped at other major grocery stores in New York City where she now resides, like Wegman's, she has not had the opportunity to experience all that Publix has to offer.

But on a recent trip to Tennessee, she found that Publix offers some pantry staples that are better and more affordable than other stores.

One item she brought home with her: Publix brand macaroni and cheese.

The fact that it was a certified kosher product was important to Talia and something she hasn't often come across in other stores.

Publix's store-brand ice cream also caught Talia's attention.

In addition to the classic flavors, she noted the variety the brand offered, including moose tracks, cherry nut, and chocolate almond.

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The Wisconsinite was also impressed by the large cheese display Publix had.

She said it was "on par with displays I've seen in Midwestern stores."

Talia also noted how well-stocked the kitchenware and electronics aisles were.

"The kitchenware section had enough pots, pans, utensils, and gadgets to fully stock a kitchen," she said.

She also noted that the electronics section is similar to that of Target or Walmart, which is largely uncommon in grocery stores.

Publix is well-known for its assortment of hot and prepared foods, which also caught Talia's eye.

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She also noted the store's grab-and-go prepared sushi that "looked delicious."

Her biggest takeaway was that Publix was a "one-stop shop that I wish I lived near enough to make my go-to grocery store."

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