I tried and tested Ginsters £1.95 new festive slice but it was a pile of crap – why you shouldn't waste your money | The Sun

THEIR pastry slices are loved by millions.

But one man who tried Ginsters' festive offering – a chicken and stuffing slice – was left unimpressed, calling it a "pile of crap".

He picked up the £1.95 limited edition slice from Asda, and was keen to get it home to try it out.

While he initially was going to try it cold, he then decided to heat it in the microwave so he could "give it a proper good review and see what it's like".

However, he did note in the TikTok video that heating the slice could end up with it "falling into pieces".

He popped it in the microwave and blasted it for 30 seconds, while looking at the back of the packet which said it had 100% chicken inside.

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It also contained bacon, potatoes and a sage and onion stuffing.

"Wow. Stinks of stuffing!" he said as he took it out of the microwave.

He then opened up the slice to see how much chicken was inside.

"Yeah, I thought so," he said.

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"Basically there's like tiny, tiny bit of chicken and it's just packed with stuffing.

"And like I said, it's just falling apart."

He then gave it a taste and his "honest review".

"What a pile of crap," he raged.

"It's basically just stuffing with a little bit of chicken in it!"

Concluding his review, he said: "Yeah. Give it a try if you like that!"

People were quick to weigh in on the review in the comments section, with one writing: "I totally agree, a real letdown".

"£1.95 and its falling apart?" another questioned.

"As a Cornish girl Ginsters are disgusting!!!!!" a third added.

"Would not pay £1.95 for any pastie," someone else insisted.

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"Has to be Greggs festive bakes," another wrote.

Others insisted he should have put the slice in the oven or air fryer to cook, rather than the microwave, as it would have been less likely to fall apart.

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