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ALDI is known for its competitively priced groceries and home essentials – but it's a supermarket store that also offers so much more.

There's the extensive range of affordable beauty and homeware dupes from perfume to candles, as well as the offerings of the infamous middle aisle.

Also known as the Aisle of Aldi, this area of the store has a forever changing range of unique and interesting products to pick up.

Here, Julie Ashfield, the Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, shares her top tips to getting even more out of your shop…

Unbeatable value

They've recently been crowned the UK's cheapest supermarket, so many shoppers often wonder how the store keeps their prices so low.

Julie says: "Aldi can offer lower prices to shoppers due to our efficient business model and responsible ways of working – this helps to reduce our operational costs.


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"For example, our shelf-ready packaging allows the product to be displayed in store in the same packaging used during delivery.

"Our packing area reduces queues at checkouts for shoppers and means fewer colleagues are required to work tills.

"Rather than using these savings to boost margins, we pass our savings on to customers in the form of lower prices."

Aisle of Aldi

As well as stocking food and home essentials, one of the store's unique selling points is the 'Aisle of Aldi' – often in the middle of the store – which displays a whole host of exciting and unique products.

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Shoppers often delight in browsing the wide range of random items, and new arrivals can be found in store and online on two specific days.

Julie says: "While our core range is available all year round and regularly replenished, our Specialbuys can be found in the middle aisle on Thursdays and Sundays. 

"A top tip is to also sign up to the weekly newsletter to be one of the first to hear about anything new or returning best-sellers."

Even lower prices

There are other ways shoppers can save money too.

Julie says: "At Aldi we’re really focused on offering amazing low prices every day, but there are a few ways shoppers can get even more for their money.

"First, we have ‘Super 6’ where every fortnight, six favourite fruit and vegetables are available at even lower prices.

"The same goes for our ‘Fresh Meat Specials’ – six items are sold at reduced prices every two weeks.

"Secondly, all of Aldi’s UK stores mark down perishable products such as bread, meat and fruit and vegetables by 75 per cent on their last day of life before stores close.

"The initiative gives savvy customers a bargain while cutting waste, with all the products suitable for home freezing if you don’t want to eat them on the same day as purchase.

"The times that items are reduced vary by store and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

"They tend to go quick – so my advice is to keep an eye out for red stickers next time you’re in store."

Perfect price

Some items are also discounted if the packaging is damaged.

Julie says: "Shoppers will also find certain goods are marked down by 30 per cent if the packaging is imperfect, including items such as rice, pasta, cereal and tinned food.

"It’s a great way to save even more on your shop.

"Finally, bagging a good value wine and spirit is as simple as it gets.

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"In store, the range is located on the back wall, split into red, white, rosé, sparkling, fortified and spirits.

"They are displayed according to price, making it easier to see that the higher up the bottle, the higher the price tier of the product, so the lowest priced bottles are located on the lower shelves."

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