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CLEANING the bathroom is a household chore despised by many, and whilst you think most celebs would have a cleaner tidying their mess, many of their bathrooms have been photographed in a dirty state.

No one ever wants to bleach the loo or scrub the shower, and it appears celebs are especially reluctant to get their expensively manicured hands dirty.

A-lister Drew Barrymore, 48, shared a sneak peek inside her shockingly cluttered bedroom and bathroom, uploading 'before' and 'after' photos as she tidied.

But she's far from the only one. Here we take a look at the stars whose bathrooms could also do with a sort out and a scrub…

Kylie Jenner

In perhaps one of the most alarming images, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her bathroom after her daughter Stormi, aged five, gave it a little 'makeover'.

The new look included a naked floating baby doll, and paint smeared across the expensive-looking marble sink and fancy Aesop hand wash.



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Paint was also splattered up the crisp, white walls, and what appeared to be mummy's lipstick smeared on the mirror.

Alongside the image, Kylie wrote: "Beautiful surprise my daughter left me this morning."

Katherine Ryan

Sharing one of the most relatable snaps, comedian Katherine Ryan revealed an insight into what it's like trying to keep a bathroom tidy when you have kids.

The room is a mix of loo roll scattered across the floor, toys and kids' books randomly strewn on surfaces and a load of baby product essentials.

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The mum of three has her hands full with daughter Violet, 13, from a previous relationship, 18-month-old Frederick and baby Fenna Grace with husband Bobby Kootstra, and appeared to simply take it all in her stride.

"The kids’ bathroom is stunning," she captioned the picture, which she then shared on Instagram stories.

Victoria Beckham

Singer and fashion designer Victoria has made no secret of the fact she is a 'germaphobe' and obsessed with cleaning but can be quite messy – and it drives husband David mad.

So much so, the couple have their own bathrooms, with David saying: "She leaves her drawers open and leaves the toothpaste top off too."

Victoria said: "We're lucky enough to have separate bathrooms.

"David's is dark wood and masculine. Mine is modern, in black and white.

"David's products are all hidden away, whereas mine are quite on show."

Charlotte Crosby

Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby was probably expecting a few compliments after posing for a mirror selfie in skimpy shorts.

Instead, the star, 33, was bombarded by comments calling out the state of the bathroom and the entire flat she was living in.

One disgusted fan wrote: "Scary mess, dirty sink… but you look beautiful."

Another added: "Are you not embarrassed by the mess surrounding you its got more comments than you. Cmon Charlotte clean up."

They were clearly unimpressed by what appeared to be underwear, dresses and a H&M bag on the floor as well as beauty products covering the countertop.

In the 2017 footage, which was shot while she was dating Stephen Bear, Charlotte noted: "This is why me and Stephen should NEVER live together.”

She seemed to admit her guilt over how the bathroom looked, captioning the post: "Yeah I see the mess. I'll tidy it later."

Molly-Mae Hague

While Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague is known for dressing to the nines and her impeccable appearance, her bathroom was far from perfect.

The TV star shared footage of the messy areas in her home and captioned it posts: "Tap To Tidy (white heart emoji)."

By pressing on the screen, the loose earbud, cans of deodorant, spilled make-up and unorganised beauty products were tidied away into containers.

Prior to the transformation, Molly-Mae told fans: "Excuse the state of me, but you guys might be able to tell from that little snippet I showed you of the bathroom we have had for six months in our en suite, why I've not really filmed here much."

Katie Price

With a shabby light fitting that barely clung to the crumbled ceiling, rubble all over the floor and plaster in the toilet, this celebrity bathroom was among the worst.

But it wasn't entirely Katie Price's fault, as she revealed the mess was caused by a burst water pipe.

The reality star, 45, shared the state of her bathroom on her YouTube channel back in 2021.

The £2million property was labelled the "mucky mansion" due to being left in such a bad condition and required extensive work to fix it.


When lockdown meant we were all stuck at home, Madonna used the opportunity to perform for her fans from the comfort of her own bathroom.

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While most would have focused on the iconic singer, 65, as she sang into a hairbrush and performed an ad-lib dance routine, others were slightly distracted by her surroundings.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for someone so glam, the bath and surfaces behind her were cluttered with endless makeup, hair and beauty products.

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